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  1. Same for me, no effects. I have the same problem also for the Q400. Any Ideas? Greetings Dieter
  2. Hi Mick, yes I'm verifying Germany North with Orbx Central. Most of the autogen appears after the deactivation of the photo scenery of Aerosoft EDDT. A small part around the radio tower (Alex) is still without buildings. Furthermore, I have the same problem in Munich (Germany South). Buildings around the Marienkirche are missing. Malaga, for example, now works after verifying EuropaLC in Orbx Central. I've no ideas to solve this issue.
  3. Hello, I have the same problems, no complete autogen in Berlin, Munich or Malaga. I have also installed Germany North and South via FTX Central as described by Mick. Furthermore, I disabled Lukla, VLC, Christchurch, unfortunately it still does not work. No complete Autogen. Any other ideas? Cheers Dieter
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