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  1. Turn off photogrammetry scenery in the Data options in MSFS.
  2. Go into your 'x-plane_install_11.txt' file and change where X-Plane 11 is installed, remove any extra entries. If you add extra copies of X-Plane 11 and update them (Such as one release version and one beta version) it will add them to that file. It's located in Windows > Users > 'YourUser' > AppData > Local Mine just simply has in it: D:\X-Plane 11/
  3. @froggy I had the same exact problem when I installed EGNM but did not install SAM Library via the Orbx installer. I instead installed the other version via the SAM Suite program. SAM has altered where they install the plugin so it causes some issues with EGNM it seems. Install SAM via Orbx Central, update it to version 2.0.7 via the SAM Suite installer and you'll find EGNM will work fine if the only SAM entry is 'SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/SAM_Library/'. You might need to go into the simulator first and open up SAM menu, go to Airport Operation System, t
  4. Just to add that i've solved this by shutting down Orbx Central, restarting my computer and then starting Orbx Central as administrator. It's installed now.
  5. I've downloaded TrueEarth Great Britain Central via Orbx Central and it has been stuck for the last hour on 'Extracted: 22443/22488 Converted: 7143/7186' I've tried to pause the download and restart Orbx Central but still it doesn't do anything and remains on the above. Any advice appreciated
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