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  1. Nice shots Mark. By the way, there's a nice '700 Qantas livery done by JNKMusic available. Try here ... https://flightsim.to/c/liveries/aerosoft-crj-700/ Bruce R
  2. I purchased Sydney Cityscape not long after if came out. Orbx Central then showed two platforms; Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3Dv4. All was well until a couple of days ago I noticed Orbx Central wasn't showing Microsoft Flight Simulator any more (on the top bar next to the search box). I went into my Orbx account and re-synchronised it back. Both platforms are showing again. Sydney Cityscape had somehow un-installed itself so I re-installed it. Since then, if I load a flight from YSSY, I get a CTD as soon as I click on 'Fly Now'. Likewise, if I approach YSSY, I get a CTD on the
  3. Hello Pierre. After reading page 26 how'd you get on? Try their example first, i.e. airport_visibility_NZQZ=0.4 Put that in the CouatlAddons.ini and see how you get on. You can always increase that figure if need be. Find the ini file at %AppData/Roaming/Virtuali. Regards Bruce R
  4. Hello Pierre. This is not an Orbx issue. It has everything to do with GSX. Open your GSX manual at page 26 under the heading "An Airport inside an Airport". It will outline what action to take. Regards Bruce R
  5. I should've looked further down the page. I found BernieFlyer's fix in the topic "AUSv2 issue after update". It works! Bruce R
  6. I'm running P3D v4.5 HF3. I also installed the updates today and are now getting the same error message as Renzo. It appears during the aircraft/airport scenario loading at 80%. The scenario loading stops and will only continue after I "OK" the message and then loading continues. Bruce R
  7. Nice shots Jack. I also like that colour scheme, but I don't think there's anymore flying around. I have a feeling they're all been repainted in the Virgin Australia colours. Then there's a big cloud hanging over VA whether they will ever fly again. It will be a real pity if they don't as they're the only international airline out of my home airport - NZDN. Bruce R
  8. Good video. That paint looks great - thanks to Ron Attwood. Bruce R
  9. Very nice. If you like flying the PC12 around NZ why don't you use the Sounds Air repaint of the PC12? Sounds Air actually fly their PC12's, and other Cessna's, out of Nelson. They are a smaller airline flying into smaller NZ airports such as Westport/Wellington, Nelson/Wellington, Taupo/Wellington. Ron Attwood has done an excellent rendition of the PC12. His repaint of the Carenado PC12 can be found here; https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=ron+attwood&CatID=root&Sort=Name&ScanMode=0&Page=33 Regards Bruce R
  10. 70. I note "at this point" in the survey the average age is 71. Perhaps the younger ones are still at work! Bruce R
  11. Try clicking on Verify Files for YBTH and see that solves it. Bruce R
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