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  1. Hi Nick, I was able to submit a ticket successfully on the 27th November, but have still to receive a reply from the guys over there. (it's been 4 days now). Do you guys have any way of contacting them through Orbx channels? thanks.
  2. I too have this same issue as described here. Volumetric Clouds from landing lights shown - after landing lights are turned off in 3d cockpit Vortices and also Engine Condensation - also appear the same as the image above, and for some reason remain "on" during cruise at high altitude (30,000ft+) Just purchased from Orbx in the last 2 days, all files are up to date.
  3. Showcasing the PMDG 747 alongside the fantastic Orbx Global openLC North America package. Arriving mid-morning into Denver at the controls of UPS 747F (N582UP). Low mist and cloud gather around the base of Denver's main CBD. Our flight from Germany is descending in from the North East, giving an incredible view of the snow topped Mt.Evans and Rocky Mountain range . This mornings forecast is -3°C today marking the start of winter and the Denver ski season. A small break in the cloud layer above is welcome on this very cold morning. I took this opportunity to c
  4. Thanks everyone, sorry for late reply internet down over here.
  5. BA747 Orbx Open LC Africa ERDA1B Arrival to Runway 19
  6. Thanks folks! Pics show that P3Dv4.5 still has some life left in it to get through the next couple of months before FS2020
  7. Loving this small scenery guys, perfect for dreaming I can afford my own airplane!
  8. Only Global BASE Pack, Carenado TBM and weather from Activesky shown here.
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