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  1. Hi Jack, this is everything maxed out
  2. Greetings everyone. Hope everyone's feeling Irie Mon! Pics from a nice flight over the sovereign of Reggae Bob Marley's home town. Enjoy
  3. Correct Stillwater & Kodiak
  4. Hi Roger I had the same thing happen to me. The problem is I cant remember how I fixed it. It was some time ago. All I remember is that it was an easy fix. Sorry I cant be more help. I had a look back through all of my posts but couldnt find it
  5. They need to fix AAMI Park. It is set out with a stupid soccer pitch when it was built for Rugby League
  6. Its an Island off Cairns
  7. Keep guessing guys. Where is Queensland?
  8. No hints this time guys.
  9. Fire away guys.. Hint.. Somewhere in the southern hemisphere
  10. Just a couple of questions, I have recently downloaded all or the Ozx Scenery. What happens to those? Will anything Orbx does just overwrite it? Finally will this release fix the YBBN slowness?
  11. Again this is unbelievable. Being an Aussie I love the affiliation ORBX has with my great country. Us Aussies are very lucky to have Orbx doing this stuff.
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