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  1. Hi guys, Please have a look at these pics, They are taken at night at YPMQ (Port Macquarie) Is there anyway I can fix the lighting both inside and out? Or is this how it is at night? During the day the view is brilliantly but night time tells another story.
  2. It looks mind blowingly good. Surely this is a gee up?
  3. As I mentioned previously, I have a huge amount of Orbx stuff along with Aussie Airports, A2A planes, PMDG planes, Active Sky, Chaseplane, GSX. Because of space I do not keep the installers. Once I download these products I delete the installers from the download folder. (I do not have a large c Drive) All installations go into my E: drive with all my P3d stuff. Will I have to re-download and install everything again or is there an easier way?
  4. Thanks for all the input guys. I think I will forge ahead with the purchase.
  5. Hi guys Alice Springs at night with an A2A Cessna.
  6. I dare say it will have a couple of bugs early on? Maybe best to wait a while.
  7. Hi Jean Marc, Its called Wolf Creek. It is based loosely on true events.
  8. Hi guys, I currently run P3dV4, have a stack of add ons, a stack of Orbx stuff. Im happy to do a clean install but is it worth the Extra $$. I run a 1080ti card with an I9 9900k cpu and 4K Acer monitor. Will I be blown away????
  9. Thanks Wain, I didnt know about this place until the movie came out. Worth the watch.
  10. Firstly let me say that I cannot believe tha Orbx included this crater in the Australian scenery. I would have put any money on it that they would left it off. I wanted to see so I took off from Fitzroy Crossing WA. I had to use Plan G to find the crater and after flying for a while, there is was. Thanks Orbx for making Australia so lifelike.
  11. Hi all I have a high end monitor Acer Predator X27 4K. I notice when I am flying I get screen flickers. Not too much. maybe every 35 secs for 1.5 secs in total. Whilst playing other games (Grand theft auto) the monitor is fine. Can anyone shed any light on whay this would be happening. I have turned G-sync on and off but this makes no difference. Thanks
  12. I thought P3d was driven more with the GPU and not the processor? I have a 1080ti with an I9 9900k processor. I will upgrade to the new GPU's when they come out later this year. Am I wasting my $$$$ then?
  13. Thanks Jack. I didn't have to do anything. I was going to take your advise so I started the flight sim at Rottnest and the house was back on the ground. Weird??
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