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  1. Just a couple of questions, I have recently downloaded all or the Ozx Scenery. What happens to those? Will anything Orbx does just overwrite it? Finally will this release fix the YBBN slowness?
  2. Again this is unbelievable. Being an Aussie I love the affiliation ORBX has with my great country. Us Aussies are very lucky to have Orbx doing this stuff.
  3. I'm sorry but I feel I have to put my 2c worth here. I have been flight simming since FS95 and I can say without any shadow of a doubt that this forum is the most helpful community based forum on the net. Not only has Nick helped me nearly every time I have reached out but others also. I honestly cannot remember a time (and there has been quite a few) where I haven't been able to move forward after getting stuck or need advice re simming. This is when I had FSX and now P3dV4. Peace
  4. Hi NIck Sorry to be a pain but I understand my original account is there but why wont it accept my password? I cannot change it as my new username has it?
  5. Hi guys I have had to create a new user to start this topic but I want my old user back. Original user is Shane2801 I tried with my username and password but this site wouldnt recognize it? I did reinstall windows but that shouldnt make a difference? Can anyone help?
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