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  1. I would not say dreadful. I have just made some flights from same airports in MSFS and P3DV5 and at and close to a Orbx payware airport (3W5 Israels farm) the scenery is better than default MSFS, But for example ESGP where I have been in real life default MSFS is pretty good. Just a blue clubhouse is missing
  2. One thing that I think about here is this. In P3D 5 and XP11 addon scenery is really needed since default is bad. But in MSFS default is already good and I don't see any need for getting payware scenery for it. So I would like to see focus on P3D
  3. But I have no non Orbx 3rd party entries. Orbx is the only add on scenery I use
  4. I might mention that I have recently got a reverb G2 VR headset so I fly VR which might have significance regarding what to use. I think the regions and some airports are fully acceptable for VFR but there seem to at least partly be problems with performance and also some anomaly but that is another subject in a new post about that. What do you mean by insertion points, order of, sync to the sim ? Should it not be enough to install the Orbx title ?
  5. I have purchse NSTU PAGO PAGO for P3D and during a flight from the PAGO PAGO airport flying around the island I experienced this. The 3D image got corrupted. I could see the islands beaches and airport not situated at the sea but hovering above it during some instances. Also the sea level could appear raised like I was flying on it when looking forward and to the left but to the right it seemed normal. This is temporary after flying a bit further the glitch can go away. But it is very annoying that it happens at all. After uninstalling NSTU PAGO PAGO this issue did not show up so it seem to de
  6. The roads does not explain the misplaced objects in my first shots or the non flat river surface. And who knows when it surface again. Could that depend on the vector roads ? I mean in my latest shots where it looks more normal I had disabled the roads in vector. But then I discovered that the scenery was not normal due to missing roads. I wonder if getting europe landclass would change things to the better (three products designed to work together)
  7. I only use Orbx scenery. I might be mistaken about the first pic, it could be Rome. But the point is the anamolies, and I can actually spot them in the product description screen shots for vector. And in your pic it is clear that there are grey roads going over the scenery and corrupts it. That is also even more clearly seen in the screen shots below. I think the second is close in place to yours. The same bridge visible I think. Also information of place is displayed here
  8. What about my itemized issues and problems ? I can add information about locations. The two first shots are at London. The last one with hilly water is at a river going north from Gothenburg. Also I notice a slight tendency of the problem being more severe around bigger cities.
  9. I see glaring errors in the scenery with Base pack + Vector in P3d 5. the pictures below show examples of what I mean. Is this really normal ? I don't have these problems within region. areas
  10. I have made a post about this in the LM P3D client forum and the answer given was to try a clean install and see when the problem appear. When doing this the problem was absent until the point I installed the first Orbx scenery. So me myself is actually someone who has seen ESGP smoothly without addons. And when this was the case I only had P3D files and autogen set at very high. So how could it be P3D files causing this ? If so I would expect it to be present even with no addons installed.
  11. I want to clarify that it is not the area around ESGG (I don't have that Orbx airport) but around ESGP. Neither did I have Orbx Global or vector when this first appeared. The scenery I had then was NA regions and Australia V2 + a number of airports. So I suspect the libraries.
  12. Things really looks inaccurate in this flight over Rome. Houses seem very misplaced compared to the roads. I have Global pack + Vector pack. I thought that vector was supposed to make things like this correct. See the screenshot pic below
  13. That thread which is about micro stuttering is irrelevant to my problem. My freezes for several seconds occurs no matter what settings or plane I use and only in the specific area around ESGP. If I go to a more densely and thus more performance requiring area like KSEA I don't have the problem.
  14. From what I remember the problem surfaced after a libraries update so that is what I suspect. When the problem first surfaced I did not have any Orbx scenery in that area. After complete reinstall of P3D 5.1 I did not have the problem until I installed Global together with the required libraries.
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