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  1. Thanks a lot Jon for the time...Appreciate it...Sorry I called you "John" the first go around... Just needed a 2nd opinion...
  2. I deleted DD Miami some time ago....I always thought it was too "washed out"....maybe it was my monitor settings....
  3. Thanks flyingdrill...You are right....I'm forgetting about it because I understand the problem now. Makes sense. Anyhow, I really do love what Florida looks like with TE. Orbx did a wonderful job and my PC hardly notices it....Computer runs it great!
  4. Thank You for posting these pics Michael...Im having the exact same issues but you explained it much better than I did,,,,Maybe the DEV can come up with a patch.
  5. Same problem here...Very disappointed with the water transitions on the coastlines. Especially the East Coast....very abrupt line ruining the experience.....any help is appreciated....
  6. Im having some issues with the east coast of Florida near West Palm Beach.....Sharp cutoff between orbx and stock water scenery...very straight line that looks unnatural....Any suggestions here? Thank You...
  7. Thank You jjaycee1 for your help and quick response!
  8. Thank You for the response.....I do not have a SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/KORD - Chicago Ohare/ in my file. I tried reordering as you suggested but thats when I noticed kord does not exist in the orbx scenery. After the reordering, I flew to KORD RNY 27 and this time there were no buildings at all at the airport, only parked aircraft.....I must have a very unique problem...Thanks for any help I can receive....
  9. meigs scenery messing up KORD RNY27 with xplane 11.30....trees and buildings on rny.....removed meigs scenery and problem gone....anyone else?
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