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  1. Hi Nick, Thank you very much for help, just to update you I verified the airport and libraries with no luck, however I then verified the TE North and that did the trick. Thank you again Cheers John
  2. Hi Thanks for getting back, I have TrueEarth all 3, Global base pack, Global openLC Europe, Orbx uk airports, That's it. Cheers Nick
  3. Good day everyone, I am having and issue with the Dundee scenery as regards to Default scenery showing underneath the 2 bridges This is PD3 v4 any ideas as to what is happening and a way I can remove it. Also I did a reinstall Many thanks John
  4. Good Morning, Absolutely fabulous pics can not wait for this. Please cold you tell me what aircraft you are flying in these pics. Thanks
  5. Hi All, Can anyone shed any light on the strange anonalie in the screen shot provided. This is on P3D v2.5 with England region and FTX Vector also openLC Europe. My o/n FSS0239991
  6. Many thanks Russ that did the trick. I have been running on max terrain for sometime and have purchased many ftx products This has not happened before, oh we'll you live and learn. Thanks again John
  7. Hi Guys, Purchased EGML this morning and found a problem, there is a tiny plane and the one next to it out of scale. Hope you can help.Cheers John o/n FSS0239991
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