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  1. I presume you have set McAfee up to exclude every folder and file associated with the sim. You might consider configuring it to scan files only when they are created on system drives, (rather than accessed or execurted) which frees resources. And yes, McAfee is horrible. They seem to bundle it with so many new computers nowadays. Usually the first thing I remove.
  2. I find this a little surprising, given the number of posts you have made on this forum, and the help you have received, Larry. The fact that I instantly recognise your forum name is unusual amongst forum users. This is a function of numerous posts seeking help with the operation of your computer, the use of the forums, and various support topics (many of these answered) Some of these requests have been beyond what might be considered 'normal' support, but still patiently answered for you. Please also note (and this is VERY IMPORTANT). Each support staff member doesn't work on every project. This means that not all staff can answer all questions. This makes it absolutely important that your support topic has an accurate title, and is in the correct place. As an example, the Vector team may miss your support thread, if it is in the general forum, and mentions some sort of tree problem but no mention of the Vector product. Similarly, if the problem is with an airport pack and makes no mention of that ... you get the idea? In future if you feel your topic is not getting due attention, please: Bump your support topic -- simply place another post in the thread. I note you have done this in the past to receive attention Make sure the thread has an informative SPECIFIC title (problem, product, region!) Make sure you have posted in the correct subforum This topic is closed, as it appears to have served its purpose.
  3. Do you have any other scenery (even other areas) installed. Is it possible that the terrain.cfg file has ben altered by something else? Any errors as you installed either Australia or FTX YMML? Have you tried cycling FTXCentral back to default/global (Apply) then back to Australia (Apply)
  4. Deatiled post on this issue in the FAQ, here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/82288-corrupt-download-cant-unzip-please-read-here/
  5. Hi Lee, Have you updated to the latest ORBX Libraries. There are reports of missing buildings if this has not been done.
  6. Hey Bill, Is this the account you wish to keep, or the old one? I note your IP address has not changed, so assuming you still have access to the old email, this account can be rolled into the one, that bears your name. That is simpler from this end, in terms of your order numbers, which are linked to your other account.
  7. Is the E:\FSX Stuff\Scenery\AUS\Scenery file active in FSX? Where is that stuff from? What is melbourn.bgl in that folder? None of that looks like ORBX scenery entries. That might be your duplicate scenery file (or part of it)
  8. Hi there John, Amazon itself is not an official ORBX reseller, but they do sell things for other vendors through Amazon marketplace. If the actual vendor was an oficial reseller then that might suffice. Anything you buy at AMazon is enshrined in your account details, so perhaps find out who the vendor was nd contact them directly. It may be possible to get order details indirectly that way. Unfortunately, if the product was purchased through a 'third party' second-hand seller, there is not much we can do.
  9. Thanks Mark, No doubt one of the Global hands will be along to assist.
  10. Hi Andrew There are detailed instructions on how to post a screenshot on the ORBX forums.The method is the same as that used on most other forums employing BBCode.http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/38447-how-to-post-a-screenshot-on-the-orbx-forums/ From memory YMML 2.0 is standalone (no 1.0 or 1.5 required)
  11. Hi Mark, For all support queries we require your purchase information to be added to your signature. Details here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/1157-important-notice-please-add-your-order-to-your-sig-for-support/
  12. Ray, Does this happen each time, or only this once? Flying autogen and cars are not infrequent sim bugs, usually solved by a restart.
  13. There is a detailed topic on this here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/82288-corrupt-download-cant-unzip-please-read-here/
  14. There are detailed instructions on how to post a screenshot on the ORBX forums. The method is the same as that used on most other forums employing BBCode. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/38447-how-to-post-a-screenshot-on-the-orbx-forums/
  15. Every thumbnail looks to have the relevant ICAO code, for easy reference.
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