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  1. Anti Virus sucking Memory Dry!

    I presume you have set McAfee up to exclude every folder and file associated with the sim. You might consider configuring it to scan files only when they are created on system drives, (rather than accessed or execurted) which frees resources. And yes, McAfee is horrible. They seem to bundle it with so many new computers nowadays. Usually the first thing I remove.

    There is a detailed topic on this here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/82288-corrupt-download-cant-unzip-please-read-here/
  3. New Fullterrain website launching

    Every thumbnail looks to have the relevant ICAO code, for easy reference.
  4. Bundaberg airport, Australia

    Great shots Adam. Glad you're enjoying Bundy.
  5. Strange square blocks

    Low LOD radius setting?
  6. problem with posting

    Larry, If you are using Internet Explorer 11, then the solution is to change your browser to something else: eg Chrome or Firefox.
  7. [HELP] Lost Account Due To Email Change

    Should be fine to reclaim your old account now. Post back how you get on Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Screenshots...why won't it work?

    I have no problem at all using Chrome to cut/paste in this forum. The only issues i have been aware of to date are with ie11
  9. [HELP] Lost Account Due To Email Change

    Please PM me a new ISP based (not hotmail or gMail) address, and I'll see if we can't fix your old account for you.
  10. New licencing deal with Microsoft for FSX

    I think P3D has already gone a long way to disprove that last point, as many current users and beta-users will attest. The reality is that we don't know much, apart from which comany, and their pedigree. All else is speculation. Let's wait and see.
  11. Internet ads, what a pain, any cure?

    Yep. Adblock plus is great. Very easy to disable for specific sites.
  12. New licencing deal with Microsoft for FSX

    ** Let us not get involved in [P3D] licensing discussions .. which are (BTW) completely Off Topic, as they have nothing to do with Dovetail licensing code from Microsoft. I would point out that until we know what Dovetail have planned all else is speculation, apart from FSX distro on Steam, which will continue new life into the old platform.
  13. No .. as per my post above they are completely different concepts. A 4096 texture presented to a graphics card buffer has nil to do with screen resolution!
  14. Dovetail Games Announces New Flightsim!

    Thread underway here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/81306-new-licencing-deal-with-microsoft-for-fsx/
  15. Hence my assertion that you may be correct. The reality is, of course, that things are not so cut and dried as this. So, to be honest, I would expect some difference in CPU and core memory requirement.