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  1. Everything is said by those photos.Incredible work Marcus!
  2. Hi There, I really apologize I didn't saw your post. Actually, I said the same to John, in real-life the larger aircrafts like 747, 777, 787 are going to Stand 1, so Gate 201 is commonly used by Wizz Air and Austrian Airlines A321, sometimes A320, A319..So, I was going to match to real life as much as I can, so I don't think this is a problem, but a real-life thing..IF I change the code for the jetway to match the larger aircrafts, it is not going to work with the smaller ones, like 737, 320, 321, 319.. Cheers Teo
  3. Awesome shots man. Thats the reason why I started to work on Ohrid.It has difficult approach and circle to land procedure due to high terrain near the airport. As you depart from Ohrid, in that case heading to Ukraine, until you leave North Macedonia, there are only mountains and it is really good...but definetely the approach is mine favourite haha. Btw, the narrow strips are the roads inbound the airport, I hate when I see default overlay on the roads in MSFS...that white transparent line, so I decided to make them as polygon but without any lines, because I don't think they are
  4. Thank you so much guys.I'm happy you like them! Cheers Teo
  5. Hey Mike, The airport is now released and available on OC. Cheers Teo
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