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  1. The OpenLC golf course exclude "0_OLC_NA_REG_CPRHX_CVX_GC_exx.BGL" found in "Orbx\FTX_OLC\OLC_NA1\Scenery" appears to break the ice water texture at: 39.6332016 -106.5265240 After looking at the files in the TmfViewer, the "0_OLC_NA_REG_CPRHX_CVX_GC_exx.BGL" file appears to cross the water texture in 2 to 4 different locations. Deactivating 0_OLC_NA_REG_CPRHX_CVX_GC_exx.BGL fixes the problem (and restores the ice water). Is 0_OLC_NA_REG_CPRHX_CVX_GC_exx.BGL even necessary if one is also running Vector? The golf courses all appear to be duplicated in Vector, and disabling 0_OLC_NA_REG_CPRHX_CVX_GC_exx.BGL does not appear to change the visual appearance. Thanks, Carlyle
  2. Doug (and ORBX Developers), I just received the following from PILOT'S explaining that ORBX is now in control of these updates, which would explain why the "FTX Global VECTOR Support" exists on the ORBX pages. From: Stefan Schaefer (PILOT'S) Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2018 8:32 AM To: Carlyle Sharpe Subject: Re: FTX Global VECTOR Support Hello! We had two 2-years contracts with ORBX for the distribution of Vector. They have past since a while now and ORBX gained the intellectual property of the Vector product as it stood at that time. We are in the process of transferring source files to them for further development as well as the already finished 1.60 update. We have no influence to when and how they will release the 1.60 as well as further updates. A worldwide Vector product will never be without missing items. It simply is too complex. And the world is changing constantly. Of course persons knowing certain areas will notice that. I would wait out the 1.60 update and check, if the item has been fixed. If not, I would continue to talk to them. PILOT'S however has no more influence on the Vector product as such. Cheers! Stefan Schaefer
  3. That's not really how it works... Land masses are easily created by applying a water "exclude", and then they are redrawn using the correct water boundaries. (I've done this multiple times in my own scenery design.) In fact, the "crude" FSX representations for these Islands do appear when one disables Vector. I'm actually about to finish drawing the islands for myself (I'm just putting the final touches on), but I still have a few details left: I just thought an "official" release from ORBX would be better than a freeware "patch". Best, Carlyle
  4. Doug, This is not the first time Vector has missed an area (it's a very big planet), and they've been good about adding them once it is brought to their attention. However, if a separate payware package, such as FSAddons Tongass Fjords region, is required to "complete" FTX-Vector in this location, then it would most certainly be a Vector issue! I just assumed this was an oversight, because if Vector chose not to cover all the places for which other payware exists, there would be quiet a large number of "holes" all over the planet! Best, Carlyle
  5. I was adding some AI seaplane bases to Alaska and noticed a large collection of islands (circled in red) missing from the bay west of PAKW (Klawock). N55° 34.33' W133° 7.32' Thanks, Carlyle
  6. N36° 36.44' W93° 28.14' Time of day: 14:15 GMT, July 25, 2017 A water elevation change "line" is visible in Table Rock Lake, Missouri (nearest airport MO64), and the shoreline is also affected. Thanks, Carlyle
  7. Thanks. In the meantime, is there a way to revert to the previous library settings? Best, Carlyle
  8. Thanks! I have already tested this theory with several airports near water, and in every case, water "drawn on top of an airport mask" now disappears under the mask. Everything was fine prior to the last library update. Best, Carlyle
  9. When I discovered this thread, I was just about to create a new one, because it appears the latest ORBX update now prioritizes airport masks over water textures! I had begun noticing that all of the FSX airport masks that extend into water (in other regions) are no longer covered by the water textures either. That would seem to be the case as well in this instance. I had not ventured up to Lake Hood/PANC until now, but I can now confirm that my water runways for LHD (Lake Hood) are on dry land as well, which seems to be in line with the anomaly I am seeing with the new prioritization of airport masks over water textures. Do we know when they will release the fix with the ORBX libraries? Thanks, Carlyle
  10. Thanks, Glenn. I think it's the shading that's making that screenshot "pop" (so many more options with P3D!), but I'll look into the sky textures as well.
  11. That explains it on the sky... I'm still in FSX, so I'll have to wait for P3D to get that sky!
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