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  1. Ah, OK. I was remembering the discussion where you and Friedi brought this up, and there was uncertainty about the versions. Either way, the mix of trees on top of the mismatched texture could be due to the presence of multiple textures within the scenery competing with each other. So glad Holger could be our spokesperson to the development team in finding a solution! Thanks again for your help, Jean-Paul. Best, Carlyle
  2. Thanks, Jean-Paul. That is very helpful and confirms that this is a useful workaround, but only for the removal of the trees. Changing the texture assignment back to "grass" will, undoubtedly, be a little more involved, but hopefully it will be addressed in a future release. As to the Faroe Islands, the v4 vs. v5 differences are intriguing. The fact that we see the trees in v5 (but they are on top of solid grass), makes me wonder if Ryan Andersen actually placed 2 landclass layers on top of one another. If the airport "mask" was placed on top of the Grass LC, the solid texture of the mask could be overriding the texture of the "grass meadow", but the presence of the "grass meadow" would be generating the trees (from underneath). If this is the case, removing the Grass LC, but leaving the airport "mask" should fix this, as the airport mask is essentially what the grass texture (prior to FTXG) used to be. Best, Carlyle
  3. Jean-Paul, By any chance, did you try the Grass LC test I put on AVSIM? The reason I ask is that the Faroe scenery appeared to be showing the correct, underlying "solid" texture of the grass, but the trees still "popped" through. In the Grass LC "test", it actually reveals two issues: 1) the appearance of trees, and 2) a background texture that is not solid grass, but that of a "meadow with trees". Best, Carlyle
  4. Holger, Thank you for forwarding this along. A "meadows with tree patches" is exactly what appears to be showing up! It's certainly pleasing to the eye (when it doesn't create a conflict), but it is also resulting in the dreaded "trees in unwanted places" issue. If there is an easy way they can switch it back in a future update, that would be fantastic! Best, Carlyle
  5. Hello, Holger! Many years ago I contacted you for assistance as I started into scenery design, and you were incredibly helpful and patient. I have been directed to you again to tackle an FTXG landclass issue. I haven't been able to make much headway on the forums, so here is the issue: FTXG appears to be reassigning the Grass LC function to a texture that contains grass and trees. To test the issue further, I put a little LC "test" on the AVSIM site for users to let me know what they were seeing on their systems. It is here: http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=grass-tree_test_for_ftxglobal.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search So far, every user that has contacted me is also seeing a mix of grass+trees instead of solid grass. This issue was initially brought to my attention when it was discovered that a number of airports, that were working fine before an FTXG install, now had trees within the perimeter of the airport. In some of the cases, this was due to a Grass LC being used for the airport background instead of the standard airport "mask". (That was easily fixed by replacing the grass LC with the "mask".) However, in my further research of this (and with input from other users) it was discovered that other sceneries that needed to be showing nothing but solid grass in large areas were now showing a mix of grass and trees. The Faroe Islands v5 scenery is a good example of this http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=faroeislands5.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search If you could look into this, a number of us would be REALLY grateful! I know I've actually used the Grass LC for some out-of-the-way "sloped" runways (one is for the Pitt Island airstrip in the Chatham Islands), and if it is now going to have trees in FTXG, that could be a little messy on the landing... Best, Carlyle Sharpe
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