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  1. First time seeing one in a sim, great shots.
  2. It's popping that's for sure. You have a nice wallpaper right there.
  3. Thank You wain71, beautiful area isn't it. I loved my vacations there with my ex regardless of the harassment I got because of my Army Class A's hanging in my car.
  4. Adam, Thank You. It's a great place to flap your wings and relax.
  5. I've been there a few times down to Cape Cod with my Ex-Girlfriend the area is beautiful, the locals well....................
  6. John, Thank You. It is beautiful there. I'm trying to make the right choice since ORBX has so many to choose from, I just want a more conservative area to fly in. I'm going to miss the May sale probably because I'm being picky.
  7. Nantucket to Marlboro, checking the region out. Thinking about ORBX,s KACK: Nantucket Memorial Airport purchase. Only for its BEAUTY, other than that it would be a NO GO.
  8. Great shots Karl, been a while since I pulled that stunt.
  9. Nice toys Jack, what possessed you to take a hot air balloon ride in the rain. I have the RealAir Duke, somehow I got it as freeware. I got lucky.
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