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  1. It's all good Jack. I eat right, exercise and take my meds every day and I'm doing well. Xarelto works wonders unless you cut yourself, which I carry Wound Seal around with me for that. It's part of life, I've learned to deal with it and not let it bother me anymore.
  2. I have two strings of Factor ll and one string of Factor V Gene Mutation, causes the blood to clot inside. UPS got a notice from my hematologist and there went the job. My team of Doctors have me home permanently. The two strings of Factor ll can strike together at any time and can be fatal. Thin Ice for me.
  3. Nice set and nice aircraft Adam.
  4. Nice shots OND, I like it too.
  5. Thanks for sharing TTM, big difference.
  6. Great set Jack, that's the European Hub for my old employer East Midlands. They do Logistics, hint "What can Brown do for you?" Darn Factor ll and Factor V.
  7. Great shots Adam, to bad I'm still stuck in the dark ages with FSX SE. Until FS202 comes out.
  8. It looks like a real photograph, nice shot Adam.
  9. Winchester Garrison, stayed there while in the 82nd Airborne Div.. England's Winchester Military Quarter if I recall with a few garrisons in Hampshire. Good, I can make some Coconut Shrimp with it.
  10. I have Tim's PC-6H, I like it. Great set Arkanoid.
  11. I may be wrong but that looks like Winchester Cathedral in Winchester, England.
  12. Nice shot Martyn, the border for most of Washington and Oregon.
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