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  1. Thanks, never heard of one. Now I know.
  2. Nice set Jack, these Pine Trees look very realistic.
  3. Great Set, very vibrant. I love the last shot, rich in color and detail.
  4. Nice work jankees as usual, but I'm stumped to what kind of aircraft it is?
  5. To my Friends in the UK and to the Brave Men and Women who fought against Nazi Germany. Abroad and at home as the Home Guard helping during Air Raids and manning Anti Aircraft Batteries to the Airmen, Soldiers and Sailors. VE Day, A Salute to Victory.
  6. Very Nice set Iain, love the old British military aircraft, especially the Vulcan, Valiant and Victor Bombers.
  7. I love London and the surrounding countryside. This is a beautiful set Ben.
  8. Nice shot Olivier, I did away with liking the cold weather back in my late 40's. However winter does bring some beautiful scenery.
  9. First, I hope everyone in the Orbx community is safe and well and not sick in bed dealing with Covid 19. I'm home with my Granddaughter since schools are closed here in KROC due to the pandemic. We're here putting around Orbx's PNW in A2A's Stay Home Freeware. Other's have Freeware Airports but my Loyalty is with Orbx and not going near it. So here are three, it's a descent day and we need our exercise while the weather isn't pitiful.
  10. Thanks Adam, I still want a M2 with Winglets. Carenado doesn't offer it with them and a EMB Praetor 600. I'm all for the American/British designs but a $20,000,000.00 Praetor would suit me fine.
  11. Thanks Jack, I love the Hawker a lot, the cabin even has two flat panels to show the route of the aircraft when you do a flight plan. Part of the issue was on my part by not checking the Auto Trim and Roll which is set at +16 when you fire the engines up and turn on everything. I didn't go to bed the other night beating my head against the edge of my desk trying to figure it out. Hitting every switch, button and wheel and there it was.
  12. Thanks Olivier, Juneau to Anchorage.
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