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  1. UKKM Antonov Airport Kiev, Ukraine. Took a few attempts to get this Beast to stay up, finally got it.
  2. Cool Shot, very different.
  3. Great set of shots EMM. I was flying there Monday in FSX SE, beautiful scenery.
  4. The darn birds can be a menace, seen them get sucked into two F-101 Voodoo years back on take off and they landed safely.
  5. They look great EMM, drop me off so I can do some rock climbing.
  6. It's a Fantastic shot Iain, that's all that matters to me.
  7. Nice shot, need a Saturday and Sunday to pilot a Blimp. That would be different.
  8. Awesome shots Iain, love the last one the most.
  9. Beautiful set of shots, what kind of aircraft is this?
  10. Thank You, Gentlemen I greatly appreciate it.
  11. Trying some GPU Settings and Overclocked the MSI GeForce 1050 Ti a little bit more with Afterburner. I think I achieved a little bit about what I was looking for. Also, does anyone do repaints, trying to get my Dad's unit 107th FIG out of KIAG/Niagara Falls F-101B done?
  12. Thank You, Gentlemen. I'm enjoying these old Soviet Cold War Era aircraft. Some difficult to even get off the ground, still trying.
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