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  1. Nice set of the mountains Mikee and I love this little Beechcraft myself. It's on the purchase list.
  2. Nice shots OND, I have landed at that airport in P3D, I found it odd with water at the runway.
  3. Nice shots of a classic bird, I think I stumbled across an Easter Egg at Ft. Lewis Washington in the Impact Area, looks like artillery rounds exploding. I took some shots, not sure if I deleted them or not. Not even sure if its an Easter Egg.
  4. Definitely a cool paint job in these great shots.
  5. Great set, love that last shot the most with the perspective view.
  6. It's a shame to see such beauty get destroyed, great save it these shots. Our prayers go out to the Australians.
  7. Great set OND, first time see the Outback.
  8. Great set, I notice the nose gear sunk a bit. What causes that. I have come across it myself.
  9. Great set jankees, what aircraft is this?
  10. Sweet Set John, Land O' Lakes Butter was founded in St. Paul Minnesota in 1921, Hemce it's name. I thought I'd throw that one in there since were doing some history here. I like the 170, is that a Carenado Aircraft. It resembles the Piper PA22 Tri Pacer which has a smaller fuselage.
  11. Great set Julio and a great little Goldilocks plane. Not to Big, Not to Small.
  12. Sweet shot Adam, I'm loving that green.
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