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  1. This shows a potential issue with extended POI packages. Orbx may choose to make a POI package for country XYZ and half a year later an Asobo World Update of Country XYZ will render it useless. Even if Asobo will share their current plans with Orbx, these plans may be well subject to change over a longer term. Kind regards, Michael
  2. I would support this, even in a broader context. We now have numerous POIs on flightsim.to where you can invest hours into downloading single stadiums, TV towers, monuments and whatnot, cluttering your /Community folder. Large-area POI packs, say ranged comparable to the former FTX or TE packages, would be certainly highly welcomed and well-received. Kind regards, Michael
  3. Thanks, Nick, upon looking up my invoice I detected I even got a rebate as a customer of the former P3D version, thus I should perhaps better shut up. Kind regards, Michael
  4. I'm in the same boat as Andy. It would have been helpful to announce availability via Orbx Central IN ADVANCE of release. Kind regards, Michael
  5. I love these oldies becoming available again. Kind regards, Michael
  6. I think I could finally solve the issue myself. If anyone runs into the same, the solution is here: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&p=229818 (reply by LM's Clifton Crane). As a workaround, add the following line to your preparf3d.cfg [SIM] AdaptiveSimGroupEnable=False Seemingly it's a bug which shows up under certain conditions and will be remedied in the next version. So far I tried a few flights and was able to fly beyond my "hot spots". Mods, you can mark this issue as solved now. Kind rega
  7. This may or may not be related to my issue Kind regards, Michael
  8. I decided to upgrade from Prepar3d5.0HFII to 5.1 yesterday. Made a complete uninstall and reinstall of the sim (all 3 modules) but left sceneries (in-sim and under /Documents) in place. Sync'd Orbx etc. My default test takeoff is from KSFO 28R, fly over the hills and land at Half Moon Bay. I got a reproducible CTD over the hills. Now, my system was pretty involved, who knows what went wrong. So I took the plunge and uninstalled ALL, all Prepar3D, emptied all generated folders, all traces on the SSD including under /Documents. (albeit I didn't play with the registry.) R
  9. There are several threads on the green roads issue here in the forum, a search will help you. Obviously, it can 't be resolved easily as it's an issue with the aerials. I've seen such roads (e.g.) taking off from EGLL and flying into London City Centre, but there are many more elsewhere. As a sidenote, MSFS has such green roads in certain areas as well, actually they look pretty much the same way as those of True Earth under Prepar3d5. And yes, I can confirm the XP11 True Earth incarnation doesn't sport green roads. If I recall from one of the answers by a developer, this is becaus
  10. Agreed, and these would be potential customers indeed. However, a lot of them will switch to MSFS as soon as their "study level" toys will become available in MSFS. At least that's what I keep reading in fora. Your survey is a snapshot less than 2 months after the release of MSFS. Navigraph usually asks (d.g.) for intented switches between sims which will be another important factor for future add-on developers. You may know I spoke/voted for OpenLC Asia in several topics over many years and still regret it wasn't realized in time. But now I think it's game over. Kind r
  11. Sorry to disagree, Dave. Yes, I would have eagerly waited for and bought OpenLC Asia for Prepar3d up until a year or even half a year ago, but no longer now. I know Japan and parts of Russia in LC-based sceneries (not Orbx) in Prepar3d and I know the same regions in MSFS. The difference is just too big to make me ever fly VFR over any LC-based regions anymore. I made a flight from Casablanca to Marrakesh, VFR at 2000-3000 ft, in MSFS yesterday. I've done this same flight in Orbx OpenLC Africa in Prepar3d and earlier in naked Prepar3d before, all under similar conditions. No doubt,
  12. Agreed. I've been using MSFS as my main sim since February and I find trees are one of those areas much improved over legacy sims. While there's always room for further improvement, I think MSFS has much more urgent building lots, e.g. in the SDK, aircraft, and seasons branch. Kind regards, Michael
  13. No, USA will follow in November. Kind regards, Michael
  14. I agree. I was quite shocked when I flew the first time over Sydney in the alpha and later in the naked release version, but with the Orbx extension it's really fun. Kind regards, Michael
  15. Thanks to Benny and John. This indeed refreshes the feeling of being part of an "Orbx family". Kind regards, Michael
  16. I have always been a low and slow flyer, mainly C172, that's why I've always been with Orbx. I confess I am absolutely taken by MSFS. It was love at first sight when I was allowed to test it back in February and nothing changed since. I still have all the other sims (P3D5, XP11, AFS2, plus even FSX) plus plenty of addons installed and don't see a reason to uninstall them anytime soon. However, when I think what to do with a couple of hours left in the evening, I always end up in MSFS. It's the sheer beauty and naturality of scenery and atmosphere which I've never seen before, not e
  17. This is becoming ugly. I was doing a VFR flight from the new Wycombe to Bristol two days ago and was absolutely pleased with what I saw. Plus, performance was great with > 40 fps and no stutters (okay, that's not a diffficult region). Yesterday, after learning the patch has downgraded scenery, I started to count trees and watching out for missing features. Argh. Kind regards, Michael
  18. Wow, Orbx has done it again! No half-baked Harbor Bridge anymore. This will be so much fun to fly. Kind regards, Michael
  19. Sydney Harbor Bridge is there, or let's say, at least a bridge is there. It was missing during the alpha, was reported and introduced in the release version. Kind regards, Michael
  20. Same here. I didn't have serious stutters before, but it's smoother yet and performance is definitely better even in difficult regions (I tried the greater Vancouver region and Berlin). This thing is getting better and better. Just tell me why they can't separate from the "any" key. Kind regards, Michael
  21. I think I get what Benny means, and yes, I share his feeling on the forum. I once (i.e. 5 yrs ago) had the illusion Orbx would fill all of my world with a layered structure of Base, OpenLC, and Vector for the whole world plus LC-based Regions for more and more interesting areas of the world - all this in a coherent way for Prepar3D. Based on this, the FSX/P3D user group was like a big family indeed. This picture got distorted with the focus shifting to XP and transition to parallel development and, according to my feeling, Prepar3d went sort of 2nd rank, with completio
  22. The general believe is they next version will be 5.1. This should have resolved issues with EA (like flickering around trees, power lines). I am not going to predict if the widescreen monitor issue will be fixed as well. I mostly see this border issue after switching back and forth between full screen and windowed at least once. I am not sure if I've ever seen it without making such switch. Kind regards, Michael
  23. I (and others) have reported this issue on Widescreen Monitors on the LM forum shortly after release of 5.0. It was acknowledged by a developer and he said they would work on it. No cure until HFII. Kind regards, Michael
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