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  1. And here one more vote for AeroflyFS2 content. Not sure if it will help, but I'd at least add my voice. I own all ORBX AeroflyFS2 contents and will buy anything added to the portfolio. Kind regards, Michael
  2. Thanks Iain, very welcome and looking great. Kind regards, Michael
  3. This is totally fine with me, thanks. However, I am getting a bit worried now that no further beta screenshots are turning up as it's been common with other products in beta stage. Kind regards, Michael
  4. Thanks Carlos, yes I own quite a number of good airports and CityScapes in Africa, inluding famous Dubai, Casablanca, and Marrakesh. I am really looking forward to embed them into a better environment. Kind regards, Michael
  5. So can we hope to see more beta screenshots from the ORBX screenshot artists like Emmsi soon? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  6. When the E3 trailer and info were released, John Venema learned about the news at the FSExpo bar and confessed he didn't hear about MSFS before and MS was very clever in keeping it hiddden. On the other hand, the very first trailer already has the typical MSFS landscape structures (photogrammetry as well as Azure-based). This should exlude any ORBX involvement at that time. Kind regards, Michael
  7. No idea.. so this must be really surprises. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Thanks for the nice shots Iain, glad we will have this available in due time before the holidays. Now you've supposedly done your duty for this year. I wish you and your daughter a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you very much for your kind and well-balanced style, you're acknowledged not only as a screenshotter but also on a personal level. Kind regards, Michael
  9. Thanks Sascha, good to know, that's an excellent solution. I'll also consider Nick's remark on Cardiff. Kind regards, Michael
  10. I thought FTX GB included numerous ORBX-enhanced airports which you would loose when uninstalling the LC-based FTX GB sceneries? Kind regards, Michael
  11. On a closer look: Are there still green roads in some places which I found quite distracting in South v1? The second Leeds image makes me a bit unsure about this. Kind regards, Michael
  12. Really excited, this will provide plenty of flying over the holiday season. Kind regards, Michael
  13. Supposedly ORBX made them themselves. But NL counts less airports (43 in the scenery) and this was a time when AeroflyFS2 was expected to take off in a big way. All this is really sad, but what can we do...? Kind regards, Michael
  14. Unfortunately, I think it's not that simple. XP and P3D come with a pretty complete collection of default airports which may look a bit uniform but have runways, taxiways, navaids, and some basic buildings where they belong. AeroflyFS2 doesn't come with any default airports in GB. Thus, ORBX would have to either develop a collection themseles (FSCloudport counts 256 for GB, and this is certainly not exhaustive) or rely on the FSCloudport airports. These may be "sufficient" to complement a freeware project but are far from commercial standards (and vary largely in quality). Kind regards, Michael
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