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  1. I had Prepar3d running on a i7 2600K (great chip!) until a few years ago and it did work quite well. Recent Prepar3d versions even have a (slightly) better performance, so this should work. 16GB RAM are okay. I can't comment on the 1050Ti but I am pretty sure it will fit as well, maybe with lower AA settings. The key is to find the proper settings. You certainly can't have all sliders at the right end. Notably avoid Autogen higher than Medium, and try switching off shadows in case of trouble. As Mike states, leave the ORBX FSX installation intact as ORBX Central can grab files from it. Kind regards, Michael
  2. Good news. It would be great if the team could keep an eye on the partially green roads. Thanks. Kind regards, Michael
  3. Ah thanks, good to know. Best regards, Michael
  4. Thanks Nick, so I think I'll go through them and install them manually. Not a big deal. Kind regards, Michael
  5. Hi, I just saw Graham released a batch of more updates for the Australia Airports (YBGC etc.). Will I have to install these (and, maybe, the inital batch?) manually if I am using ORBX Central 4.0.13 and AUS v 2? I recall there were some airport updates during (initial) installation of ORBX Central, but I am unsure which airports were convered or not. Actually, I would prefer to get them via ORBX Central, if these updates will be released soon. Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  6. Add me here too, both for Asia as well as New England. Kind regards, Michael
  7. The Vector Configurator including AEC is still there and works. In my case it's sitting under J:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX GLOBAL VECTOR Configuration Tool.exe even after uninstalling FTX Central 3. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Installed and used for buying the brand-new EGLC. All went well up to a minor hiccup which I'll describe in a support thread. One question: I've defined a new place for backups and ORBX did properly save a backup for EGLC (and obviously for some updates of other sceneries) there. However, I have tons of backups (actually half of a terabyte) which I made with FTX Central 3 ("Install and save a backup for later"). What will I do with them? Just deleting and loosing them? Can I somehow move/integrate them into the new ORBX Central? I think it's neither in the interest of ORBX nor mine to uninstall all products and reinstall them with backups just to follow the new ORBX Central scheme. Another minor point: I find the distinction between sceneries bought and not bought a bit hard to see. If others don't agree you can forget about this point. I'm not 18 anymore, albeit I use a color-calibrated monitor... Once more thanks for the hard work, well-done. Kind regards, Michael
  9. Thank you very much guys and gals for the hard work! I'll make my way through it during the next days. Even more excited to see you provided an excellent user's guide which will hopefulyl save us some issues and you some support trouble. Kind regards, Michael
  10. I would also vote for the two-resolution options model if it's viable. Personally, I'm with Paul and others, and would rather stay with present resolution which I find is a good compromise. If I'll need a larger drive I'll buy one. In addition I have an uncapped speedy DSL connection. I'm a pure VFR pilot and for me it's quality first. However, I've read from quite a number of users on this and others forums who don't buy TE sceneries just because of the sheer (download and installation) size and I can understand them, too. So this would give them an option, if this sharpen process really works. Kind regards, Michael
  11. Tools|Export airports to GoogleEarth and Tools|Show airports in GoogleEarth Kind regards, Michael
  12. Thanks, Scott, great to know. Looking forward to ORBX Central 4, but given I, like Aldrich, don't have any issues with FTX Central 3 I decided to stay calm. Kind regards, Michael
  13. Wouldn't Santander LEXJ make a perfect fit to LEAS and LEBB? As a GA pilot, I enjoy clusters of airports nearby. Kind regards, Michael
  14. I saw Victoria CYYJ as well as Fairchild KCLM during the flight which didn't look too bad from above, but airports are certainly a mixed bag. I'm sure Turbulent and others are already working on conversions of the PNW area FSX/P3D airports. Kind regards, Michael
  15. While the shots above were cloudless, I added them using ASXP at a later point and, yes, fps remained good. Kind regards, Michael
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