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  1. No doubt, this is all possible, yes. LM could request certificates for academic use or cancel P3D completely. Austin could be killed in a car accident. I am 68 years old and prefer to use what I get now. For me, the whole package is a huge step forward and I will use and expand it by addons. I say this after testing for half a year, thus I know what I'll get. Kind regards, Michael
  2. No one knows the future, but you could as well base your expectations on the many years of FS1-FS9 experience, which were successful and stable. Kind regards, Michael
  3. There will be a Q&A session at 17:30Z today with Microsoft/Asobo, perhaps you can make them aware of your situation. However, while I can imagine from what I heard, Internet in Australia being suboptimum, I can hardly imagine only the Standard version being available there. Kind regards, Michael
  4. I am positive Orbx will work quickly on them. KMRY is one of my all-time-favorites, too, and shouldn't take too long given Jarrad is a clever guy. Kind regards, Michael
  5. That's Jarrad. He knows how to do things right. Kind regards, Michael
  6. Thanks Mawson, ... although this doesn't sound really good. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Thanks Tony, I am actually inclined to go with the Steam version as well. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Just a technical question: I suppose these work with the MS Store version as well as the Steam version, if I buy them via Orbx Central, right? Kind regards, Michael
  9. Based on his several forum contributions, I would conclude Tony learned this already over the last year. Kind regards, Michael
  10. I grant you, I can bring any Sim to 7 fps and lower. Kind regards, Michael
  11. Excited, while I expected Orbx to be among the pioneers. Loking forward to see great Orbx products embedded in the fasciating world MSFS provides. And, yes, thanks for the generous discount. Finally: Let me predict, the London City Pack will be a bestseller. Kind regards, Michael
  12. From the point of view of users there may be no difference between an OpenLC region and an airport but for the developer there is. I am convinced, Orbx will go on developing airports for MSFS and others simulators in parallel for quite some time. There are a lot of assets and know-how they can re-use, notwithstanding differences of the platforms. However, LC-based regions are useless in MSFS and I doubt their production for the remaining Prepar3d users will pay off. In my mind, the cardinal error has been the never-ending delay of the OpenLC series. It was a great series of products once but became unprofitable over time. Kind regards, Michael
  13. I have been pleading for OpenLC Asia for a long time, as you can see from my posting track, and I would have bought it immediately up until, say, half a year ago. After all, you are right that it was promised once to cover the whole world in a unique scheme. However, the world keeps turning. After having flown for several months now over Japan in MSFS alpha, I am not prepared to buy any landclass-based scenery any longer. Nothing wrong if anyone wants to keeps his present sim and fly in the scenery he bought but the future is elsewhere. And the future starts now. LC-based products will not sell anymore in numbers to be profitable. Kind regards, Michael
  14. I am definitely happy MS/ASOBO got rid of the cross-trees of Prepar3d and X-Plane alike! They may work from the air, but close-up while taxiing they are really ugly, whichever textures they wear. Kind regards, Michael
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