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  1. Hi, I suppose many of us filled the lengthy Navigraph Survey in November 2020, and we were promised results around December, 10th, 2020. Has anyone seen any results yet? Has Orbx any information on the status of the Survey given Orbx was a partner in it? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  2. Thanks John, I didn't know this yet. It's really hard to keep up with more and more great resources becoming available. Kind regards, Michael
  3. Hi Dominique, I don't think it's a good idea to put the mail address openly onto the internet. Spammers will cheer about this. Kind regards, Michael
  4. Buildings, parks, highways are generally okay. However, Spokane must be either done via Photogrammetry or one of the few hand-crafted cities to include churches. Germany has very few churches and the church with the highest steeple of the world, the Ulmer Munster, is totally missing. I learned it's the same in the UK. Kind regards, Michael
  5. That's something I had in mind, too. At present, we have to download groups of buildings up to single objects at the worst case from the freeware sites. I observe the /Community folder to become cluttered more and more. Packages of areas sized like the TE or former FTX regions would be great. Kind regards, Michael
  6. Adam is quite active at the New Zealand NZFF forum, so, he's a least well. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Glancing through the thread, the Orbx family seems to do still quite well. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Who knows, maybe, you'll fall in love with one of them again and shelve your MSFS DVDs upon arrival? Kind regards, Michael
  9. Thank you Iain, wishing the same to you and your daughter and cat. Plus, best wishes to all the Orbx staff and looking forward to a better year 2021. Kind regards, Michael
  10. Singapore looks stunning. Looking forward to more landmark packs which I find are a great addition to MSFS. Kind regards, Michael
  11. This shows a potential issue with extended POI packages. Orbx may choose to make a POI package for country XYZ and half a year later an Asobo World Update of Country XYZ will render it useless. Even if Asobo will share their current plans with Orbx, these plans may be well subject to change over a longer term. Kind regards, Michael
  12. I would support this, even in a broader context. We now have numerous POIs on flightsim.to where you can invest hours into downloading single stadiums, TV towers, monuments and whatnot, cluttering your /Community folder. Large-area POI packs, say ranged comparable to the former FTX or TE packages, would be certainly highly welcomed and well-received. Kind regards, Michael
  13. Thanks, Nick, upon looking up my invoice I detected I even got a rebate as a customer of the former P3D version, thus I should perhaps better shut up. Kind regards, Michael
  14. I'm in the same boat as Andy. It would have been helpful to announce availability via Orbx Central IN ADVANCE of release. Kind regards, Michael
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