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  1. True Earth = Photo Scenery (corrected against raw Ortho scenery) + adjusted Elevation Mesh + Overlay roads + Buildings/Vegetation + POIs. Kind regards, Michael
  2. There's a question what means "every". As a precondition to have "every" offer, you should run four sims, i.e. FSX, Prepar3d, X-Plane, and AeroflyFS (there are FSX-only releases like the planes and Prepar3d-only releases like the recent TEs). Concerning myself, I own all the FSX/Prepar3d and AeroflyFS releases. I also own all XP GB sceneries but will wait with buying the North American/Oceania releases until proper regions will be available as a background for now (despite I know how to get or make ortho sceneries). I got probably half of the sceneries during various sales. And yes, I enjoy being an old goat, too. Kind regards, Michael
  3. Would you mind looking upon any of the previous posts? Kind regards, Michael
  4. The point is to have a joint demo of Prepar3d and an ORBX example region. Preferred would be the same region as selected for the current XP11 + TE GB demo. This would give people wanting to decide between (e.g. switching from FSX to) XP or P3D a possibility to see the same ORBX region in both simulators. As Longranger241 properly remarks, the difficult point would be to make LM interested in providing their part of that demo. But it might be worth trying. Kind regards, Michael
  5. Maybe. However, the point would be the bundle with a Prepar3d demo. Those who want to try X-Plane can get the X-plane + ORBX bundle and see what it is about (and yes, this bundle gives a much more favorite impression of X-Plane than the "plain" X-Plane demo having been around for a long time). So it would be nice to have a similar Prepar3d + ORBX bundle available for testing before buying Prepar3d and ORBX TE GB South. Kind regards, Michael
  6. I don't think about those who already switched but those on the verge of switching and being uncertain. And there are quite a number of them, as fora show. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Yes. But there is not Prepar3D-ORBX-demo bundle as it's now available for X-Plane. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Given that ORBX believes that "each of the four sim platforms we support have their own unique strengths and merits", wouldn't it be great if ORBX partners with Lockheed Martin to provide a similar Prepar3d Demo as they did for X-Plane? The ORBX Demo area could be taken out of TE GB South, but one of the classic regions - like the San Francisco Bay area out of NCA or even the Seattle Region out of PNW - would certainly serve as well. Just an idea. Kind regards, Michael
  9. You may contrast these real beauties to one of the prospective most dull airports in the world - should it ever materialize at all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Brandenburg_Airport Kind regards, Michael
  10. That's what I did. Bought version 1 of LFMN, bought version 2 now, still waiting for the ORBX complement. Not that happy about this. Kind regards, Michael
  11. North and South include all Germany, from the Westen border to the Eastern one. Kind regards, Michael
  12. You may have a point here, but there is another aspect. TE GB was developed natively for X-Plane and optimally adapted to that platform from the outset. It was later transferred to Prepar3d, and there may be much room for optimisation in this process yet. Have a look at TE NL which was natively developed for Prepar3d and works pretty well, at least on my system (which is not in Kevin's leage). Maybe the TE GB P3D service pack will already bring about some optimization. Kind regards, Michael
  13. That's a great one, Benny. I'd like to be in her place. And to be that young again. Best regards, Michael
  14. A recent version of Ortho4XP works for Prepar3d as well, although few people know about that. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/539089-ortho4xp-for-fsxp3d/ I tried it and it works. Otherwise, I prefer to not engage in another P3D-XP thread to be closed soon. Kind regards, Michael
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