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  1. There is no specific setting for TE GB but a general suggestion on ORBX scenery under XP11. This one can be found here https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/163493-ultra-weather-xp-xvision-settings-xp11/ I use it with TE GB and find it looks really well and natural (... to my taste, of course). Kind regards, Michael
  2. Add me to the buyers list. Kind regards, Michael
  3. I would suggest adding (mandatory) xVision and (optionally) Ultra Weather to the shopping list, turning the ugly khaki-grey ducklet into a well--colored swan . Settings can be found here on the forum. Kind regards, Michael
  4. What a fine posting Ayiesha, thank you. Your father is a legend whom I admire, for his splended shots as well as his kind and sane manners. All the best Iain, for the next year and beyond. Best regards, Michael
  5. I deleted the corresponding _t and _x road folders and downloaded missing files. This seems to have done the job, I can set all roads to transparent now. I'll see if it works in sim later, but I expect it will. Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  6. I can only set roads to transparent in the Control Panel for South, but neither for North nor Central. If I set the radio button in the Central/North Control Panel and close the window, the next time I open it both radio buttons are empty again. I have roads_x for Central, but roads_x plus roads_t for North as well as South. Files already checked, nothing added or modified. Kind regards, Michael
  7. This might be a first product for potentially seasoning TE under P3D: https://secure.simmarket.com/shaderlabs-production-realistic-season-pack-(de_12227).phtml Not sure if it works as advertised, and to begin with, the facebook link to Shadelabs is either dead or requires a facebook account, which I refuse to get. Nonetheless, it seems to be something in the named direction. Kind regards, Michael
  8. When I opened a (very civil) thread comparing aspects of different platforms a few months ago, to which even JV himself contributed, that whole thread was deleted because of an amended forum rule, according to which "criticism, comparisons and adverse comments about other developers' products, including flight simulators are not allowed." I had to accept that rule, but decided to resign from the forum since. Kind regards, Michael
  9. This is a valid question. I read ORBX will remake AUS using Landclass Technology. I don't think you've to be a visionary to foresee the first TreuEarth releases to become bestellers, in a big way. That begs the question if people are willing to buy Landclass-based Regions in the future. I for one would rather throw away my 500 GM SSD for a 2 TB one or whatever will be required to host TrueEarth Regions. That's my view as a user. Seen from ORBX, I understand availability of affordable Orthophotos for TrueEarth may be limited regionally and this may be the catch. Another one may be limited manpower for making these Regions from scratch. Kind regards, Michael
  10. - There is an official installer available from the maker to install "that" Switzerland scenery into Prepar3d4. I have done it, look up their homepage. - Austria has both versions, Eastern and Western, available for quite some time now. I own both of them, too. Switzerland, while working, shows its age. Austria is better, but both are not of the TrueEarth level. More important, they are not consistent with the ORBX-style and coloring. Kind regards, Michael
  11. And autogen is not loading in patches using Autogen draw distance = Extremely high, even in The Netherlands with extended plains? There must be a miracle hidden somewhere. I only get Autogen to fade in continually up to "Medium". One notch above it starts to load in patches at the distance. At least in landclass-based sceneries like NCA. Kind regards, Michael
  12. That's indeed a whole new class compared to legacy regions. Kind regards, Michael
  13. I have a conjecture which may or may not apply. You certainly compile TrueEarth NL against the latest Prepar3d4.2 SDK. Most of the photoscenery we use is compiled against older (and sometimes certainly very aged) SDKs. Maybe LM has worked on this in the recent SDK versions? (I don't recall having read such in the SDK release announcments, but I didn't follow them carefully.) Perhaps anyone knowledable can comment on this? Kind regards, Michael