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  1. Why do we always have this discussion EITHER a game OR a hardcore sim? The old MSFS series was certainly more game-oriented in the base version (recall the default planes) but was scalable to an ambitious sim via addons, and I still believe this was on the base of its success. Kind regards, Michael
  2. I am sure at least the ORBX CEO (and a hand full of other 3rd party CEOs) knew about this in advance. I can imagine (but this is pure guessing) there have already been thoughts about consequences for long-range product strategy. From what I saw and read, ORBX should fit quite well into this sim - if it will be open to 3rd parties. Otherwise, MS will fail another time for sure. But let's wait for an official statement. Kind regards, Michael
  3. No need ot buy one, it will run on PC. Check the other thread here. Kind regards, Michael
  4. Indeed. I am unsually not that good in English language hearing, notably in noisy settings, but Jarrad did this excellently, clear, structured, to the point. It was really fun to watch. Besides, recording and transmission was much enhanced over the last year. Kind regards, Michael
  5. Downloading with full speed. But I am one of those never experiencing download issues with FTXC so far. I just had the white pages. Kind regards, Michael
  6. Just bought it. The server may be on its limits, not unexpectedly. Does anyone know if I will have to uninstall version 1 first or will FTX Central do it automatically? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  7. Will buy it after the show, too. That was a great surprise. Kind regards, Michael
  8. I am afraid we (including me) will have to continue to use the Autogen Configuration Merger for this purpose, until France VFR decides to go the add-on.xml route, too. Can anyone more knowledgeable than me comment on this? In any case, ORBX has done their homework for comatibility at this point and can't do anything more. Kind regards, Michael
  9. There are several recipes, including some by Kevin at AVSIM and here in the ORBX forum. If memory serves me right (that was for P3D 4.0, two years ago...) I used the following one http://www.pilote-virtuel.com/viewtopic.php?id=80410 (use Google translate to translate it) which still works for me. In any case, don't forget to make backups! I have ACM called by SimStarter in the background so it works completely hidden (except a very quick popup) . Kind regards, Michael
  10. As Kevin says, I have them happily working together for years now using ACM. Kind regards, Michael
  11. For what it's worth, I for one would buy any one of them. Kind regards, Michael
  12. While I would *love* an ORBX France, we can't deny the fact there has been a competitor in this country for years which would inevitably subtract from the potential ORBX sales. Italy is another story and given its geographic variety, countless POIs, and already offered airports would certainly be a rewarding object. Kind regards, Michael
  13. From what I understand, Deadstick isn't based on real world terrain but a phantasy area (which, last I heard, "resembles" some area in Washington) and I doubt there is even a base global world like in AFS2. I doubt ORBX wants to drift into small phantasy worlds, after all it's "ORB"X. On the other hand, Flight Unlimited I had a similar concept once, and that was a great sim, so there might be some potential, maybe just not for ORBX. Kind regards, Michael
  14. Yep, that would be certainly a bright idea. Kind regards, Michael
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