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  1. I bought it directly from their website, and this one has a .png map plus a brochure (okay, the latter is more a high-gloss travel guide). Kind regards, Michael
  2. Are we supposed to know for which simulator this is? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  3. I really like such cities to get their unique style. Highly welcome. Kind regards, Michael
  4. Agreed. I more and more tend to prefer well-done AI-background (which Asobo/Blackshark do pretty well) + hand-crafted landmarks over photogrammetry, at least, until MS/Asobo opt for a general overhaul of the Photogrammetry process. Kind regards, Michael
  5. Did you choose the proper Configuration Setting, i.e. World Update III on/off in Orbx Central? (See Nick's contribution above.) Kind regards, Michael
  6. Thanks, that's probably what I will do. I was pretty proud my system could handle all MSFS sceneries so far and even very demanding ones, but London seems to be just beyond. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Thanks Andy, that's unfortunate but Asobo's Photogrammetry version indeed isn't fun. I repeated a flight from EGLL to Sound End cross London which I did with PG on yesterday, this time with PG off and Orbx landmarks London and the overall impression is indeed much, much better. Plus, performance is higher and color is much more consistent. These grey-brownish PG buildings are so dull. Downside is, PG can only be enabled/disabled globally. I'll have a closer look what I am going to miss in the rest of the UK, but certainly a number of nice landmarks. Actually, Asobo shou
  8. I am afraid this does only apply if you bought directly from AUScene. I bought them via SimMarket. I'll check back with AUScene and report the result. Kind regards, Michael
  9. Thanks, pretty idea, strong support from my side! Kind regards, Michael
  10. Same here, and if you glance through the official forum we're not alone. Well possible, PM off and the Orbx Landmarks may do a better job, but then you would have to deactivete all PM cities which I don't want either. Kind regards, Michael
  11. Emmsi is back, and with a good message. Welcome and all the best, Michael
  12. Thank you for the update, this is certainly going to be an excellent solution from the side of Orbx. I am stilly glad, Orbx jumped in with the original London landmarls pack, as London looked really poor in the release version of MSFS. And yes, I've a bit of a mixed feeling about Orbx not getting a pre-release version. Even more, as this will be a standard situation for all City Pack/ POI pack / Landmarks makers, not only Orbx, which will repeate with every World update. The next loophole for Orbx will probably be the Paris landmarks pack. Kind regards, Michael
  13. Take our best wishes, Iain. You're certainly in the heart of the Orbx community, not only for your legendary "last shots" but also for your kind and friendly contributions. Stay safe and best regards, Michael
  14. This is very welcome, I bought the two of their sceneries, really enjoyable ones. Glad, there will be a way to shift them into Orbx Central. Kind regards, Michael
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