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  1. ORBX AUS P3D V4

    That's the way to obtain them, if you want them now: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/139402-objectflow-2-open-beta/ Kind regards, Michael
  2. Saitek Multi Panel

    Glad we could solve this. Hope it will help others running into the same issue one day. Kind regards, Michael
  3. Saitek Multi Panel

    Hi, I have to correct myself. Bear with me, it's long long ago I installed all that stuff. Here are some facts after checking the laptop where I have the Saitek gear connected at present. 1. The panels are shown under "Printers and Devices", that's okay. 2. I still have installed "Saitek Direct Output" (Installation April 2016 - I dind't recall it). Obviously couldn't get rid of it as well. 3. Saitek drivers sit unter C:\Program Files\Saitek AND C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek. Both directories are empty in my case. If memory serves me right, I cleaned them manually long ago to get rid of the Saitek driver stuff. (Of course make a backup if you go this route). Reboot, of course. 4. SPAD.neXt and the Panels do work under this configuration (without the warning message) Sorry but maybe this helps. Kind regards, Michael
  4. Saitek Multi Panel

    That's crazy. I use Win 10 (home) and have all Saitek drivers removed (obviously for a reason) on both machines (Server and Client) and Windows keeps clean of them. Maybe it's the Windows automatic driver installation which cou can deactivate, but I think I have it on, thus I am pretty much lost here. Kind regards, Michael
  5. Saitek Multi Panel

    This message means that you Saitek driver is still installed and you have to uninstall it which can be done via the Windows Control Panel. Saitek/Logitch installs two components, one is an application (in case of the panel just a test) and the other one is the driver as such including Saitek DirectOutput. Kind regards, Michael
  6. Saitek Multi Panel

    The virtual power switch is at the r.h.s. under "Device Settings". I have it "on" for the panels. The logitech drivers should (I think even must) be uninstalled for the corresponding devices if you use SPAD.neXt. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Saitek Multi Panel

    You can submit a support ticket from within SPAD.neXt which should get answered quickly. If not, drop me a note and I will contact the author, I am a beta tester of SPAD.next I have the Multi Panel (and the others) running in a networked configuration with Prepar3d4 without issues. Both machines Win10 (Home). Kind regards, Michael
  8. Might be interesting to see a few from poor Eastern Germany... Dresden, Erfurt or my home town Jena, perhaps. Kind regards, Michael
  9. I guess EDDN will be only marginally upgraded (was was EDDH) as will be EDDM. EDDN has been in the works by another developer (...for years now, but I guess/hope they will complete it in time for GES) and for EDDM there are two high-quality renditions availably already (which I hope at least one will make the jump into the Prepar3d4 world until release of GES). As far as I understand, it has been the strategy of the developers to put quite an amount of work into small airports and airfiels no one can be expected to improve soon, but leave the Regional/International airports to 3rd parties. Remains the city of Nuremberg which I am sure we will see soon. Kind regards, Michael
  10. Germany South - München

    Thanks, John, contrary to the OpenLC variant this look really like Munich and will be fun to fly over. Best regards, Michael
  11. Germany South some more.

    Thanks Iain, much acknowledged. Sometimes keeping things simple may lead to better visuals than a host of interfering texture and shader addons (granted, from time to time I have to remind myself of this rule). As a sidenote, your settings are certainly not suitable for an underpowered system . Kind regards, Michael
  12. Germany South some more.

    Sometimes the HDR settings already make a difference, perhaps you can give them as a reference. And of course monitor settings/calibration do matter, which is often overlooked. My monitor has some presets with one of them looking like cartoon (no, I didn't select it ). Kind regards, Michael
  13. Germany South some more.

    Kudos to you Iain, but also to the developers who obviously have done a great job. This is top-notch. Kind regards, Michael
  14. Will be kept until a couple of days prior to release Kind regards, Michael
  15. Finally! Been looking forward for it for a year now. Yep, your shots look really good, and thanks for adding a hint to the location. Kind regards, Michael