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  1. Add me here too, both for Asia as well as New England. Kind regards, Michael
  2. The Vector Configurator including AEC is still there and works. In my case it's sitting under J:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX GLOBAL VECTOR Configuration Tool.exe even after uninstalling FTX Central 3. Kind regards, Michael
  3. Installed and used for buying the brand-new EGLC. All went well up to a minor hiccup which I'll describe in a support thread. One question: I've defined a new place for backups and ORBX did properly save a backup for EGLC (and obviously for some updates of other sceneries) there. However, I have tons of backups (actually half of a terabyte) which I made with FTX Central 3 ("Install and save a backup for later"). What will I do with them? Just deleting and loosing them? Can I somehow move/integrate them into the new ORBX Central? I think it's neither in the interest of ORBX nor mine to uninstall all products and reinstall them with backups just to follow the new ORBX Central scheme. Another minor point: I find the distinction between sceneries bought and not bought a bit hard to see. If others don't agree you can forget about this point. I'm not 18 anymore, albeit I use a color-calibrated monitor... Once more thanks for the hard work, well-done. Kind regards, Michael
  4. Thank you very much guys and gals for the hard work! I'll make my way through it during the next days. Even more excited to see you provided an excellent user's guide which will hopefulyl save us some issues and you some support trouble. Kind regards, Michael
  5. I would also vote for the two-resolution options model if it's viable. Personally, I'm with Paul and others, and would rather stay with present resolution which I find is a good compromise. If I'll need a larger drive I'll buy one. In addition I have an uncapped speedy DSL connection. I'm a pure VFR pilot and for me it's quality first. However, I've read from quite a number of users on this and others forums who don't buy TE sceneries just because of the sheer (download and installation) size and I can understand them, too. So this would give them an option, if this sharpen process really works. Kind regards, Michael
  6. Tools|Export airports to GoogleEarth and Tools|Show airports in GoogleEarth Kind regards, Michael
  7. Thanks, Scott, great to know. Looking forward to ORBX Central 4, but given I, like Aldrich, don't have any issues with FTX Central 3 I decided to stay calm. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Wouldn't Santander LEXJ make a perfect fit to LEAS and LEBB? As a GA pilot, I enjoy clusters of airports nearby. Kind regards, Michael
  9. I saw Victoria CYYJ as well as Fairchild KCLM during the flight which didn't look too bad from above, but airports are certainly a mixed bag. I'm sure Turbulent and others are already working on conversions of the PNW area FSX/P3D airports. Kind regards, Michael
  10. While the shots above were cloudless, I added them using ASXP at a later point and, yes, fps remained good. Kind regards, Michael
  11. I can't deny I have been a big fan of the TE concept from it's very beginning, and after a first flight over TE Washington I would say, that's certainly a milestone. To begin with, installation was completely painless for me (given I have a 100 MB/s connection though) and was all done in the background while I did some work. I moved some garbage from the SSD to make place, but I'll gladly replace it by an even larger one for this type of sceneries, if required. Flying the first time over Seattle, I was deeply impressed. Not only by the level of detail, but perhaps even more by the performance in view of it. The lowest figures I got where ~30 fps - contrasting to the continuous fps struggle with that area in FTX PNW, even though slightly improved in recent P3D versions. Visually it's just a feast. Here's the Port Angeles area. This has been certainly nicely represented in FTX PNW, and like many around here, I've been there quite often. But TE is a completely different class of terrain compared to landclass. Just the difference between "synthetic" and "natural". Next I turned North to find a lovely representation of Victoria I can only say, well done team and thanks. Looking forward to many hours of happy flying "As real as it gets". Now, when I have one wish open, that would be a TE British Columbia plus a Cityscape Vancouver to replace the legendary Vancouver3+. I know, aerials are expensive, but sometimes conditions might change or opportunities might open... Kind regards, Michael
  12. I understand it's less important for pure ailine pilots. However, I am a mostly GA flyer and very often have been annoyed by the ugly low-resolution buildings close to airfields where I landed. I'm really happy ORBX finally got this done. Kind regards, Michael
  13. Why do we always have this discussion EITHER a game OR a hardcore sim? The old MSFS series was certainly more game-oriented in the base version (recall the default planes) but was scalable to an ambitious sim via addons, and I still believe this was on the base of its success. Kind regards, Michael
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