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  1. Hi, I was thinking of purchasing the above; I own all the UK and Ireland FTX ones. I want just to get the London area buildings etc to save space on my hard drive and sim etc; is it possible to deactivate parts of the scenery that I don't use; or will I be able to know which areas to manually remove if necessary that are not london etc? Cheers for any help, Simon
  2. Lets hope, lol! It is the main reason why I am thinking about getting it as they look super cool in the UK and Germany packages. Thanks for reply!
  3. Fine, I will save the money and wont buy the orbx scenery and will just buy the latin vfr munich as not one orbx member of staff will ask a before purchase question, and I opened a support ticket to ask this only to get it closed and told to post the question here and still on answer; Will buy another product and use my 54 aussie dollars somewhere else.
  4. Simon Hickson Mar 29, 5:09 PM AEDT Hi, I have purchased the North Germany area all of the UK sceneries from you guys. Happy with them. I am interested in buying South Germany, but will only buy it if it has the airport custom apron lamps that the UK sceneries have and the Northern Germany airports have? Do you know if these are included and more importantly if they are at Munich Airport? Cheers for your help, won't purchase unless I know if the airports have the add-on lights (Munich in particular) as it is quite expensive.
  5. Hi, I have just purchased all of the FTX EU, Scotland, Ireland packages and really like the additional floodlights at the airports! Does the Germany product feature flood light improvements at the airports? You can see my video here with flood lights of the England ones. Would like to get Germany, but want to ensure the airports have been upgraded with floodlights like this one at Newcastle. Many thanks. Simon Hickson
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