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  1. Firstly, excuse me should this topic have already been covered, but it appears there are a number of airports that I have purchased in the past which are no longer available to be installed in V4.5 & V5 of P3D. To name just a few; KCVO-Corvallis, KAST-Astoria, CYZT-Port Hardy, WA45-Olympic Field and 2WA1-Diamond Point. Can someone please enlighten me as to whether there is any intention to reinstate these airports for said versions of P3D? It’s now been some time since the release of V4.5 and V5 and I would have thought these missing airports be available for install by now. Th
  2. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  3. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  4. I've been trying to resolve this issue for months through various groups , I have tried just about everything imaginable and still I have massive elevation issues with this airport. I've deleted it finally as it not usable. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement as I've not had any issues with the many other ORBX products I've purchased over the years. I'm at the point where if I can't resolve the issue I would like a credit to purchase another product of similar value. Matthew D
  5. No never solved, I should really be asking for a credit from ORBX considering the $$$$$$$$ I've spent on their products. So I'd advise against throwing any money at this one.
  6. Hi Nick it’s hard to actually describe as I also lose the plane in some views as well. It’s really weird as this is the only airport of all the ORBX products I have that this is happening to. I’ve never had issues like this with any of the other products. I do notice that this along with Hawaii have been installed outside of the sim, whether this has anything to do with it remains a mystery.
  7. Yeah I've tried taht with no success, all the Y key does is slightly change the already screwed elevation. Regards, Matthew
  8. I have tried absolutely everything I can possibly find on this subject how to resolve this elevation issue with KSUN for a total of absolutely no joy, and it's really giving me the dirts! I've tried the AEC aplication, I've tried un installing amd re installing, I've tried adjusting the scenery density etc. etc. I'm at the point of if I can't resolve this then I'll be looking for a credit on my account. Any further suggestions would be gratfully received and attenpted. Thanks
  9. Thanks very much Graham, I had no idea these fixes were available. Problem solved Regards Matthew
  10. I have a similar type of issue which I encountered with one other ORBX airport which I can't recall which one. However, the latest incarnation of this issue is with YMUI, please see attached photo. Now I have run the AEC software and when I exclude YMUI from the AEC it's actually worse. I don't have any OzX scenery installed nor have I. So I'm at a total loss as to a fix? Regards Matt D
  11. Australia V1 was my first ORBX product which I bought on CD which I still have, and you people are going from strength to strength. I'm very excited for this next incarnation. Matt Dilosa (YBTH & YKAT)
  12. Situation has been resolved after a complete un-install and re-install of everything. I've also installed SP3 001 and it appears even the frame rate has improved. P.S. Love the Lansair fantastic plane, however a hand full to land at YKAT (Katoomba) my training strip.
  13. Hi Tim, This has all been quite convoluted and most frustrating. It all started while trying to establish an addon menu in FSX, without success after many attempts to resolve this problem. During this time FTX was working 100 percent. Out of desperation I delete and re-install FSX, also SP1 and SP2 in that order I also have installed the entire OZx package. After these installs I re-install FTX DVD. No more error messages however FTX central loads and allows me to switch between default FSX and FTX, however when I load FSX there is no change from the default FSX sceenery. I'm absolutely des
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