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  1. Go back to the old days where only one person can use the internet at a time (only when you are flying). Problem solved
  2. Username seems fitting with the choice of aircraft livery
  3. Roger that Kev! But really theses shot look amazing! Nicely done
  4. Great shots! But these are not Aerofly Clouds what so ever. LOL photoshop session??
  5. Wow this looks soo good! Great Shots!
  6. Looks great! Thanks for the added story
  7. Looks fantastic! You have a great eye for capturing
  8. Wow that is some great looking scenery! Great pictures!
  9. LOL I know how you feel about tree placement, it's a huge immersion creator! It's the major factor that makes the sceneries look real. Something that ORBX is great at!
  10. If I won the lottery I would personally fund ORBX to convert more TrueEarth series for AF2
  11. Wow, that was very well done!
  12. Fall is the best time of year in Wisconsin, beautiful colors. Besides Winter
  13. Aerofly is my main sim. Mostly for the VR experience. It looks good and runs good. Very sad news, but understandable. Kicked in the balls
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