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  1. yep, did that right now. folder looks like this now: starting my simulator as we speak and I will report back!
  2. I'll give it a try and report soon! I checked the AddOns-Tab and actually there was no such thing as "ObjectFlow". I'll install it using FTX Central! I followed the instructions and there was a folder which was called like that. Inside a add-on.xml with a path inside, which led to a non existent folder. I use the latest P3D. My Prepar3D.exe says ""
  3. Hey guys, I just bought and installed the new ESGG and tested it out right away. Unfortunately I discovered some weird things. The terminal has no visible glass, it seems like it is an open terrace. During rain I get these strange tiles on the ground. Obviously some kind of reflections. Anybody can help me out? Just to clarify: I do not use any kind of PBR or reflection due to performance reasons. Thank You!
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