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  1. Thanks gentlemen. I’ll think about it but most likely I’ll jump into it.
  2. Thanks guys for comments. Nick, do you think that Jon can tune in to this question anytime near? I’m not going to hide that I plan to take advantage of current offer Tom
  3. But EGPB is Orbx product and apparently it requires true earth, something I can live without. I was hoping for any chances to work without it. I can live with minor glitch.
  4. Hi, Airports mentioned in the title are both in UK and the product page states that True Earth is required... Did anyone try to use those airports WITHOUT true earth product? I’m very interested in those two ones but... the requirement. I have both negative and positive experience myself with such requirements. In P3D I have a product that failed to work without the required while another worked just fine. Anyone maybe can comment, advice? Tom
  5. Thank you for support Marcus. Problem Solved. Tom
  6. Hi Marcus, Was this worked on? I still have the fuzzy effect on the taxiways and runway with landing/taxi lights on. Yesterday I have removed ESSA visa Orbx Central and installed it again. Also looked for any left over files - none found. After reinstall, still I have the same fuzzy issue. I have seen that in the past you tried to play with maps and there was a solution with a file to be replaced. Is that solution still in place? As for my AA settings I have the one line below the maximum chosen on the P3D Settings. I am still using version 4.4. Tom
  7. Hi, I will try to reinstall. When i mean flickering I mean they the light effect on ground scenery creates very weird shimmering. I had it once with another scenery developer and they had to fix the scenery itself. I am running 4.4 Tom
  8. Hi. I just flew into ESSA and noticed the same problem. What is interesting is that I own the product for over a year and I am sure it started to flicker like that after recent update. Tom
  9. Dear Nick, thank you for your kind advice. Tom
  10. Hello Nick, Thanks for jumping into the conclusion. The disclaimer is misleading, it doesn’t say what will happen if you don’t have it. Pity because if exclusively stated I might have add the region to the basked at the time of purchase. Tom
  11. Hi, So down to the point, this product is not compatible with P3D unless used only in combination with North California Orbx full region? Is that correct and how it should be understood? Tom
  12. Did it again and this file you mention is not available. Hovewer I have noticed something different. I believe the problem is limited to Vector AEC. Here what I did. I have installed KMRY and did not run AEC tool. Airport looked “almost” perfect. The only issue was that in the middle of runway there was little bump and I could not see the markings. Plane when rolling seemed to “sink” in it. The rest of airport looked perfect, no transparent textures issues. The I have applied AEC tool and moved KMRY to disabled section. And problem appeared again. Perfect runway and “see through” textures around. Maybe this airport is only compatible with North California full region? Tom
  13. Hi, Thanks for responding. Well, I don’t know? All I did was download through Orbx Central. I haven’t deleted anything manually. Could this be the case? Hiw can I get this file if it didn’t install with the installer? Tom
  14. Hi, So, still the problem is there. What I have done: 1. Full re-installation of P3D 2. Full installation of KMRY 3. Forced migration, vector setting - KMRY is disabled 4. Verified download files 5. Updated Library What else I can do? For the moment I have product that doesn't work. This is the only Orbx scenery that I have problem with (and I have quire few of them). Its also first Orbx scenery that I have problem with - ever. Will someone from Orbx help me out, please? The "funny" thing is that in my case the whole airport looks like overlay - transparent overlay. I tried everything from the link to other topic. People there have elevation issue. I can also see that airport is somehow elevated, but still it is flat, objects are in correct place except of transparent "see through" scenery layer. I can see through the field next to the taxiway. Runway and taxiway is solid. Attached are the screen shots of the folders. Tom
  15. John, what needs to be done in order for you to reveal what exact setting was used? I find most of the settings out there too dark or too bleached out. I know it is very subjective discussion, however I’d prefer to follow the professionals Tom
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