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  1. I'm sure AU v1 included the Story Bridge in Brisbane, however it's missing in V2. Have I done something wrong? Uninstalled V1, Hoger, installed v2 & even reinstalled YBBN.
  2. Yeah. I had removed v1, removed HOLGA Mesh, re installed v2. I tried to slew closer & that may have fixed the issue, but I'm not 100% sure.
  3. Just amazing! More than I expected. Well done & thank you to all those involved!
  4. Ok thanks, it seems to flicker (to a better texture) as the runway loads. It's a shame it looks soo bad, as Gold Coast/Cairns etc look great.
  5. Hi Team I've read all the posts I can see on this, including adjusting the settings in FTX & the Aero cracked theme, however YBBN airport textures still look bad (esp when compared to Gold Coast & Cairns etc) Can someone please confirm if I'm just being picky or if/what I can try? Thanks Kane
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