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  1. Ben: I appreciate your reply, but the moment you do that, Facebook tracks you by proxy. Up front they say that they don't but start digging deeper into their terms of usage and they say that they will. It took me a long time to stop them following me and I don't want to give them another starting line. Yes, I know I sound really paranoid, but I'm not a subscriber to the 'if you've got nothing to hide' theory. Facebook et. al. are really not nice companies. -Dai
  2. Well, there's a surprise - I really didn't expect that many agreements!!! I think MarkH may have the right of it, in that Orbx are using it as a marketing-and-exposure tool. -Dai
  3. I'm possibly an oddity here but I don't have any 'social media' accounts, nor will I create any. I do have a Steam account but I won't under any circumstances cross-link it with any other account. Google, Facebook, et al. already know more about me than I'm comfortable with. Regretably, because of my paranoia this is the second (or maybe the third) year that I've been unable to enter the superb competition that Orbx are offering. I find it difficult to believe that I'm the only one who finds themselves in this position. I guess this is a request for Orbx to add an option to the main website for us social media paranoids to be able to enter the competition next year, if that's possible. Thanks for reading guys. -Dai (otherwise known as Dragonflight Design when in developer mode).
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