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  1. I think you had SAM installed in both locations to start with. I had the same CTD problem after updating Orbx add-ons, somehow SAM got slipped into both the Custom Scenery and plugins folder.
  2. @MoOsSaA -- In General XP settings make sure "Runways follow terrain contours" is checked.
  3. Have SAM_Library in the Custom Scenery folder only.
  4. Yep, I had the same CTD trouble with "SAM" in the plugins folder. Move it safely somewhere else. Move the "Volanta" plugin out safely to somewhere else as well.
  5. Are the following is all you have in your plugins folder. PluginAdmin XPLM.framework XPWidgets.framework Commands DataRefs XPLM_64.dll XPLM_64.so XPWidgets_64.dll XPWidgets_64.so
  6. What do you have for disk space? I'm thinking if its possible to isolate all Orbx add-ons from XP and just start Xp stock, alone without the Orbx.
  7. By this log it still CTDs at plugin initializaton. What drive is G:\? Is that an external drive? Move the XP folder to the desktop and start XP.
  8. Where to heck am I going with "Take a screen shot of your XP Graphic Setting", of course you won't be able to do that if you can't get by the plugin init.
  9. Are your drivers up to date? Take a screen shot of your XP Graphic Settings. In XP "Output" / "preferences" / folders delete the files "X-Plane Save" and "X-Plane". Restart PC & XP. If it CDTs again, post the log.txt immediately after the CDT.
  10. Your last log.txt you posted, was that a log created immediately after the CTD? Untitled.pdf
  11. Can you attach screenshot of the problems your having?
  12. @Rice_Blk -- Temporary remove the "SAM_Library" from your "Custom Scenery" folder then drop in the attached "scenery_packs" ini file replacing the one that is there. Restart PC & XP. scenery_packs.ini
  13. @clorgaa -- Try placing it at the top of the "scenery_packs" ini file. Funny that it's not displaying properly as your folder contains exactly the same as mine.
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