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  1. @gianfranco19 Have you updated your NVIDIA Drivers?
  2. @Jon Clarke @kikkilokko This is what I have to compare with in this area.
  3. For what its worth here is what I have for screenshots of EGNM - Leeds / Bradford. First Screenshot is EGNM - default mode. Second sceenshot is EGNM - Orbx mode. I must say that these screenshot do not even look like @froggy 's screenshots of EGNM.
  4. @froggy - In your XP Settings try the following: Visual Effects - Slider to the extreme right. Texture Quality - Slider to the extreme right. Anti-Aliasing - Slider to the left 1 notch. Reflections Detail - Slider to the extreme Left. Then if your FPS are not to bad then move slider to Right one notch.
  5. @GlennS -- For "LCY" open up the "Orbx_A_EGLC_London_City" folder and you should see two "Earth nav data" folders, one for static AC and the other for, without static AC. Move and save the "Earth nav dats" folder containing the "static" AC to a safe location outside of the "Orbx_A_EGLC_London_City" folder. Then delete the word " NOSTATICS" from the name in the "Earth nav data" folder that's left, and that should do it. Restart XP.
  6. Well that is a real corker. I have the same scenery as you at KFLL and yet I have no elevation problem like you have. As for General XP setting leave it checked if the developers wanted the RWY flattened they would have did so when creating the scenery. Look inside KFLL folder / Dep_KFLL folder / Earth nav data folder / apt file. Open the "apt" file and scroll down the list and see if there is the line "1302 flatten 1" then if its not there then that could be the problem.
  7. @Bushpounder I should have looked at your log.txt first before I answered, and for what I can see in the log the loading order looks okay. Might be a problem with Orbx Central but you will have to wait until @Jon Clarke comes on as Orbx Central is entirely out of my league in understanding how it works.
  8. @david891 I have OrbxTrue Earth Florida HD & KFLL - Fort Lauderdale by DS installed as well. Do you have "Runways Follow Terrain Contours" checked in XP General Settings?
  9. @clecorouge Apparently your street roads are absent, and as I don't have Mister X's KLAX installed you just might have have a layering problem, or a conflict with Mister X's KLAX scenery. Cheerio
  10. @PhooBus Your missing an art asset "GSE_PBR/TRB_LIB_ContainerDolly_01.agp" that is referenced from the "Orbx_OrbxlibsXP" library. Might I suggest a clean re-install of the "Orbx_OrbxlibsXP" library.
  11. @cbcdesign Thanks for pointing out the reversing UK police car. I fly VFR UK quite often but never low enough to the ground to pick-up on it. The attached is the one your referring to I hope.
  12. As I fly often in the Orbx UK and often at night, I find that I can no longer wait for an EGNM - Leed/Bradford update to fix missing taxiway lights, and other problems. So with the help of the XP - WED app I created a temporary fix for my own personal use to include what I think are the missing lights at EGNM. That being said I would greatly appreciate any assistance from members of the Orbx communuity who are well familiar with the EGNM Airport to advise whether the placement of such lights are located correctly, or there are still some lights not included. As I used an older dated EGNM Airport data chart as reference from the net, I'm still not quite sure if it's current enough to show the correct placement. (See Attachments) This was such a simple fix that I find it a shame that Orbx community members have to resort to their own initiative with improvised creations just to enjoy the full benefits of their paid commercial scenery add-ons. One has to wonder, if and when there is ever an update planned in the near future for the Orbx members who are not familiar, or unable to use XP-WED to create their own fix, will they still be jumping with joy?
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