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  1. @Jon Clarke I took a closer look at the log.txt and you are right Jon the missing art assets of the addon caused the .dsf to be cancelled thus probably causing the problem.
  2. @Jon Clarke Well curiosity got the best of me. I disabled all Orbx TE Florida leaving only Orbx KEYW engaged leaving everything else outside the Orbx KEYW airport area stock. So it must be the third party Florida ortho that's giving him problems.
  3. @Jon Clarke If disabling the third party ortho "Florida" doesn't help then he probably requires Orbx TE Florida for "KEYW" to work correctly.
  4. Try disabling this line in your "ini" file ------- "SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/z_ortho_Florida_130/" and see what you get, maybe the Florida Ortho and Orbx KEYW airport don't play together well enough.
  5. Is this what you are seeing? They look something like moguls you would see on a ski hill run casting shadows when the photo-scenery was created, but I could be wrong.
  6. I had the same problem with objects that were not floating but somewhat sunken below the surface. I too couldn't find the tile file +41-069.dsf in folder +40-070 in New England Orthos. I then removed tile file +44-069 instead from folder +40-070 and that seemed to correct the majority of the objects to their correct levels. There still are a few that are off level but not very obvious as they are further from the main areas of the airport.
  7. Here drop this into your "Custom Scenery" folder and see if it helps with xEurope installed as well. By the way you are really missing out on some good Orbx TE GB scenery to complement EGPH and others. EGPH - Exclusion.7z
  8. If xEurope is the cause of the problem, and because you don't have any TE GB installed it might yet still be possible to get EGPH displaying correctly. I say might.
  9. I see you don't have any Orbx GB True Earth scenery installed as well, but disable xEurope and see if it is the cause.
  10. Is that the only area at EGPH your having trouble with?
  11. What setting do you have set, circled in red?
  12. Just curious, in your original KEYW did you use a .pol for a taxiway without .string taxi lights?
  13. 1. No 2. Had trouble getting Orbx Central Installer v_4.1.0 to work while CPU was over clocked, finally got working only if CPU settings were set to default. 3. No 4. No I think I will hang onto my own Mod until some changes are made by the Orbx KEYW airport developers.
  14. For what it's worth three of us are using TE Florida HD and Orbx KEYW - Key West, and all three of us are displaying no taxiway lights. Jon is using TE Florida SD and Orbx KEYW - Key West and is displaying taxiway lights. What is needed is someone else with TE Florida SD and Orbx KEYW installed to determine whether taxiway lights will be displayed only with the TE Florida SD version and not HD.
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