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  1. If you ever need to re-generate aircraft icons its best to do it from the "Developer" menu item at the very top of the menu bar and scroll down to "Regenerate Icons for Current Aircraft", if thats not what you have been doing already after selecting the problem aircraft.
  2. Great looking shots, all of them. Edinburgh sure is looking good.
  3. RCMP always get their man, no matter where.
  4. Its an endearing nickname for England that originated during WW1 by the British soldiers longing to be back home.
  5. Happy Birthday Iain , may you have many, many more.
  6. What else can I say but very nice. I sure like the looks of that terrain in your shots, not too busy but very appealing to the eye.
  7. Coming into EGQS - TE Orbx North
  8. I really didn't think it would have that effect. Its more than likely the Royal Navy Black skin the Harrier is wearing (by Christoph_T), he's one darn fine painter.
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