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  1. I'll be 55 next month. You may begin your crowdfunding for cake in 3, 2, 1...
  2. Nicks's almost a local lad. I was born in Lancashire, but spent nigh on 40 years in the South! Indeed, my school nickname was Chip Butty (hence my poor pun, The_Common_Potato) - 'cos I come from t'North. (I'm channelling my inner Game of Thrones!). The school mate who is now Paul Young's (Where ever I lay my Hat etc.) record producer came up with the nickname. It stuck. I live in Scunny these days. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Yorkshire.
  3. Apropos not a lot... I bought myself a new PC about a year ago, but am still using a couple of monitors I bought a decade ago, courtesy of a Lloyds Bank PPI refund. They're Dell P2210s - pretty old and relatively small, but they do the job. I usually use one screen for flight and the other for flight planning on the fly - aka find where I am wen I get lost - viewing charts and the like: LittleNavMap, Navigraph, NATS etc. However, recently I have been mucking around with flying on two screens and have to say that I like the extended view. My PC seems able to keep up with the extra load (most of the time) so, today being pay-day, I decided to buy another P2210. It is second hand... oops... refurbished. Looking forwards to seeing what to the left and to the right of me. The Orbx scenery I have (TE GB South, Central, North, Shoreham - used to live near there - and the feeebie XP11 airports - all work well on two monitors and I hope my infernal machine will be able to keep up with the extra pixels I'm chucking at it. Delivery due in a couple of days.
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