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  1. Amazing shots, Renault! The pictures speak for themselves, and I totally agree with you: the SD version looks wonderful - it was also my choice, and I will "downgrade" to Washington SD when it is available. Better loading times, better frame rates, perfect visual environment. Cheers!
  2. Wonderful flight, Jack! I enjoy those fire effects, sometimes it also happens to me. If it began on ground, we could think about preparing a barbecue and make this fire worth.
  3. Super cool shots, ultra photo realistic, particularly the ground shots! Love them all, thanks for sharing!
  4. Jack, tell me if you need any help. It was quite easy to do (at first I thought it would be difficult, I am not a tech geek). Just copy the files and folders to XP11 main folder, following the instructions that come in a file included in the plugin. Then go to the .lua script, open it with windows notepad, and add this text: set("sim/private/controls/reno/draw_reflect_water05", 3). It is really straightforward and super worth it. I have never seen water looking so good on XP11 before this. And as I said, tell me if you need help. The mod I am talking about is this one: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/44398-new-water-set/
  5. Thank you very much, Iain! I will NEED to post many more of this region, it seems amazing! Cheers!
  6. Muito obrigado, Luquinhas! Abra├žos!
  7. Thank you very much for your comments, Rodger!
  8. Dear Jack, I used the mod described in the post below by @renault I changed only the water appearance, not the water color, using only the second mentioned mod, and adding the recommended text in the lua script set("sim/private/controls/reno/draw_reflect_water05", 3) For me, it worked like a charm, i am really enjoying the results. Cheers!.
  9. Thanks! Here you can find the recommendations from @renault:
  10. I fly mostly GA aircraft, with an altitude generally 2000-2500 ft above the ground. At this altitude, I find that the textures are pretty good. I think ORBX allows you to buy the HD version for the price difference if you are not happy with the SD version. The page below shows some pics with the differences. There may be differences, but for me (and my PC specs (i7/1070Ti)the SD version offers the best loading time/performance/visuals ratio. But this is totally subjective, you need to judge by yourself. ORBX intends to offers an SD version for TE Washington (which is HD). When they do it, I will happily "downgrade" to the SD version. Cheers!
  11. Wonderful shots, Carlos! Super realistic. Absolute perfection, both at day and at night!
  12. Amazing shots, Iain! I bought this scenery today and I am already in love with it.
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