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  1. Excellent shots, Roger! They show that P3D is still alive and kicking
  2. Thank you very much, Marcus! Congratulations for this masterpiece!!!
  3. Thank you very much, TTM! Thank you very much, John!
  4. In these shots, #2 and #4 (P3D) are looking better, IMHO.
  5. Thank you very much indeed , Carlos! Thank you very much indeed , Iain! Thank you very much indeed , Wakashi! As you can see, I really am super happy with these! Thank you very much indeed , John! I am also glad I was not in the real cockpit!
  6. My first test shots with these lovely airplane and scenery I purchased today
  7. Wow! My fave is.... all of them!!! More than perfect, Iain!
  8. Amazing shots, Pete! They show very well how XP11 is still a more than worthy sim
  9. Wow! Splendid shots, Iain!!!
  10. Excellent shot, Pete!
  11. Excellent shots, Pete! This airport is amazing indeed, and it shows in this set!
  12. Amazing shots, Adam! And lovely livery!
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