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  1. And what a stunning first look!!! Amazing indeed.
  2. Wonderful shots, TTM! Happily it was just a virtual flight.
  3. This one is great, Wain! But one is too economical. I’ll wait for the next one, and the other one
  4. Hello, I was wondering if Orbx sceneries purchased through Orbx Central will be available to install on XBox Series X, or if only sceneries which were purchased via the Marketplace will work there. I enjoy very much using Orbx central, it works perfectly, but I would also like to be able to use Orbx sceneries on both platforms (PC and XBOX). Is there a way to transfer Orbx licences to a my specific user on Microsoft Marketplace and make them know which sceneries I already own? Thanks and best regards, Dario
  5. Great shots, TTM! How amazing are the clouds, light and colors in this new sim. Looking forward to your landing
  6. Wonderful shots, Adam! My fave is #1, with that bright sky and atmosphere!
  7. The workaround worked perfectly for me too. Wonderful airport, I am super happy with the purchase.
  8. Thank you very much indeed, TTM! There is no addon changing the colors here, it’s 100% default MSFS2020.
  9. Thank you very much, John! This verdict really makes me happy ! The comments of you both made already worth (at least for me ) publishing this set of shots. Thank you very much and regards!
  10. Thank you very much, John! Thank you very much, Iain! It’s already a favourite for me. The approach near the water, the surrounding area and mountains, the sloped runway, everything is incredible here. Thank you very much, Gerold! Night lighting in MSFS2020 is nothing short of amazing.... And this airport is really beautiful at night.
  11. Lovely shots, Wayne! A perfect combination of scenery and aircraft. Colors and textures are looking really good.
  12. Wow! That's impressive indeed! What an amazing level of realism....
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