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  1. @Caruso and @Adrien_67 You might be interested in this post regarding the Courchevel runway slope, which is ongoing in the support forum:
  2. Thank you all very much, my friends! This prize makes me very happy indeed!!! And congratulations to you all not only for the excellent shots for the contest, but also for “feeding” this amazing screenshot forum, which always surprises me for the level of cooperation and friendship! Happy flights!
  3. Lovely shots of this amazing scenery!
  4. Great flight, Jack! I also love this route!
  5. I am missing new releases for XP11 these last two weeks. Maybe you spoiled me after some weeks releasing so many different and wonderful sceneries (I bought them all ) Any new scenery on the pipeline to be released this week for XP11 or P3D? Regards, Dario
  6. Hello all. I use Active Sky but never get realistic winds and turbulence on XP11. If I turn ASXP off and manually insert turbulence and winds, it works. But the weather injector only adds clouds, rain, etc. No winds, no turbulence. Any hints??? Thank you all and best regards, Dario
  7. Thank you very much! I am always amazed at how P3D and XP11 are both able to produce enchanting images. I started flying around 1990, and the sim there was like the image below. I treasure all the developments since then. And in my opinion Orbx is the most incredible scenery developer nowadays, it is pushing the limits of flight sim to amazing new levels. Thank you very much! Me too! There’s magic in the golden hour.
  8. Thank you very much! Thank you very much, Wain! That’s right, it’s the JF Tomahawk. When I selected the GTN from the menu, it installed instantly into the panel.
  9. Thank you very much! That view also surprised me, it’s seems very realistic. Thank you very much! Thank you very much, Rodger! Thank you very much, Iain! Thank you very much, Rodger! And they sound incredibly amazing, don’t they??? I can’t say enough how I love this PMDG 737. Thank you very much, Jack! I try to keep switching between XP and P3D, and it is impossible to decide which one I love the most. Yesterday I bought ORBX KIRUNA, and I got crazy about that snow on the airfield, it’s jaw dropping, P3D is still a beast of a sim!!! Thank you very much, Carlos! These shots against the sun work very well in P3D. Much better and realistic than in XP11, in my opinion. Thank you very much, Adam!
  10. Thank you very much, Iain! Thank you very much! Thank you very much, Rodger! That’s hilarious, I haven’t even thought about the possibility to know what they are thinking about!!! Thank you very much, Rodger! I also thought it was not available for this plane. After install, it dint turn on automatically. Yesterday, when I turned Reality Xp GTN on, I was expecting a pop up window, not a panel GTN. I was wrong It is fully compatible. Thank you very much, Carlos! Thank you very much, Jack! Reality Xp GTN 750 is compatible with this Tomahawk (to my surprise also). I just went to the menu and turned GTN 750 on and boom, there it was lying beautifully at the panel.
  11. Small GA or big iron? Grass or tarmac? XP11 or P3D? For me, the answer is " I want (and love) them all" BTW, I heard something about MSFS 2020 using more the 2 Petabytes. Nowadays I do it all with 2 Gb. If I need to multiply my storage by 1000, this is crazy, that will be a no-go for me. For now - and for years to come - let me (let's) enjoy XP11 and P3D!
  12. A lovely city photographed at the golden hour
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