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  1. Hi all Original Orbx Pic: My one: Original Orbx Pic: My one: What I did until now: Deinstall 05S via Orbx Controlcenter and reinstall it again via Orbx Controlcenter => No Changes I did check Files via Orbx Controlcenter from the following Items: Orbx Libraries => No Changes Trees HD => No Changes Terra Flora v2 => No Changes For Info: In P3dv4.5 under: Options - Grafics - World: All Sliders are fully to the right (maximum). Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegeta
  2. Hello I just detected, that my Aircrafts will crash in LOWI as long as in P3Dv4 under Realism, "Detect Crashes and Damage" is enabled. If disabled no crashes will occure. In Past, with enabled Crash Detector, no Crashes did occure! No Crashes in Orbx LOWW. What I did until now: 1. Disable all other Addon Scenerys => no Sucess 2. Disabled all Scenery Libraries => no Sucess 3. Deinstalled LOWI and reinstalled it again via Orbx Controlepanel => no Sucess 4. Move LOWI via Orbx Controle Panel to Main Library => no Crashes any more but also
  3. Hi at all No more "normal" Jetways. They were Part of a second Vienne Scenery. Everything is Ok now. Sincerelly Jörg
  4. Hi at all. Problem with missing Jetways and Windsocks is solved. There were no Datas here: C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects\Gaya_Vienna_Schwechat\model.Gaya_Sim_Vienna_Jetway_Corto_Raiffeisen Same in the other model Folders of Gaya_Vienna_Schwechat! After deinstalling LOWW via Orbx Central and reinstalling it in the Main Library instead of the Simulator, everything was OK. After deinstalling it again and reinstalling it in the Simulator again, the model Folders of Gaya_Vienna_Schwechat still had there Datas. Strange but on my Machine it was like th
  5. Hi Nick I did treat the red X Problem as one Problem. Thats why i wrote that you send my to Gaya. Of cause, you sent me to Gaya only about the red X Problem in LOWW. Probably also my English is not good enouth. If there were some Missunderstands, I big your Pardon about that. Your Documentation about the sim.cfg file was helpful. Because of that, I found out, that the Folders "model.ESGG_Gate 12 to 20" were there - but they were empty! Nighter verify files nor the original Installation via Orbx Central does write something in the Folders. Same in LOWW. Only the sim.cfg
  6. Hi Nick I did delight the C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects\Gaya_Vienna_Schwechat and C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects\ORBX_ESGG folders. I did controle it. They were away. I did verify Files and they were there again. After restart Simulator there were no Changes. Still this big red "X". I now use your offered Link to SODE Forum: I let you know what will be the Resultat as soon as I have a Solution or SODE will send me back to Orbx, Gaya or what else. Sincerelly Jörg
  7. Hi ESGG is an Orbx Product. I think, you cant send me to Gaya for missing Jetways at ESGG. For the missing Jetways in LOWW I did ask now in the Gaya Forum. I have 117 Products from Orbx, thereof 87 Airports. I never had a Situation which Orbx couldent offer a Soulution! Will I get further Suppport from Orbx about the missing Jetways in ESGG ?!? Is it possible to get back the Money when Orbx cant provide a Solution? Sincerelly Jörg
  8. SORRY !!! I had some Problems during creating this Post. Thats the Reason why it is created 3 Times. Please use only THIS Post. Sincerelly Jörg
  9. Hi Nick Cooper from Orbx Support did sent me to you because he did run out of Ideas Here the hold Posting: I asked the following Question: Members 2 25 posts Report post #1 Posted 2 hours ago (edited) Hi I did buy LGKO, LOWW and ESGG two days ago. I cant see any visually Mistakes in LGKO but LOWW and ESGG havent SODE Docking Bridges !!! In LOWW the Windsocks are al
  10. Hi I did buy the Airports via Orbx Central. See Pic 06. Who is Gaya? How to reach Gaya? Is it possible to get back the Money when the Airports wont work fully? Sincerelly Jörg
  11. Hi Nick I just did restart the Machine but still no Jetways. Sincerelly Jörg
  12. Hi Nick I did download a new Copy of SODE 1.7.1 and reinstall SODE 1.7.1. It is registered and the Reinstallation is done. See Pic 05. As fare as I can see, it was the same before Reinstalling. I never had Problems with SODE Parts on a Airport until now. Do you have any further Ideas? Sincerelly Jörg
  13. Hi Nick The Folders do exist. See Pic 1. Seams others have the same Problem. See Pic 2. Content of Gaya_Vienna_Schwechat. See Pic 3. Sincerelly Jörg
  14. Hi I did buy LGKO, LOWW and ESGG two days ago. I cant see any visually Mistakes in LGKO but LOWW and ESGG havent SODE Docking Bridges !!! In LOWW the Windsocks are also Missing. I have installed SODE 1.7.1 and it is working normaly on ather Airports. I did update today Orbx Library but the missing Things are still not visible! Insteed, there is an red "X", see Pics. How to solve that? Sincerelly Jörg
  15. Hi @ carlosqr Ty for the Tip. Did work. My Problem is solved! Thank You !!! @jb44mag The file is here: Prepar3D v4\Orbx\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery\OF_Config.xml I did delete the file "OF_Config.xml", thenI did run in Orbx Central "synchronise Simulator". That did solve the Problem. Sincerelly Jörg
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