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  1. User nst0022 has updated the GroundTraffic plugin to be Vulkan compatible. Source available on GitHub here: https://github.com/nst0022/GroundTraffic I've used a pre-compiled (Win64 only, no Mac and Linux) GroundTraffic plugin version 2.2 by user Aviator47 from this comment: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/210452-groundtraffic-plugin-for-x1150-vulkan/&page=4&tab=comments#comment-1917647 I then replaced all plugins in the Orbx directories with the updated one and I now have working cable cars at EGLC, trains at EGKA etc.
  2. I've never noticed this before and I've been flying quite a bit to and from EGLC and when GB South received its latest update I've noticed the ugly ground textures right away and I wasn't looking for any changes to the orthos. I was hoping (in vain) that the missing night lighting for the skyscrapers west of EGLC would be fixed or that the houses placed right on the train tracks and some half on the beach, half in the ocean near EGFF would be fixed and I was specifically looking at those things after the update. I knew from the release notes not to expect changes to the orthos
  3. Upon further examination it looks like the problem is not with the orthos themselves, but that in an area around EGLC there aren't any detail decals applied to the orthos anymore after the last update. EGLC with blocky pixels. also near EGLC a bit further away you can clearly see the border where detail decals start to be applied to the orthos foreground with detail decals and no detail decals with all the huge blocky pixels visible in the background (closer towards EGLC)
  4. The blurries around EGLC are there (and only there, nowhere else) on XP11.41 with a RTX2080ti (11GB VRAM) and they weren't there before the last update to GB South.
  5. I've also noticed extremely blurry textures around EGLC since the last update to GB South and that's on XP 11.41, not 11.50. It's only an area a few hundred meters around EGLC, for the rest of London and GB the orthos look as detailed as always.
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