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  1. Hi Osmar, I want to "thank you" as even I was facing the exact same issue and was going nuts to resolve it. I was going to open a new thread but luckily I did a search and came across this solution. Also can someone from Orbx please fix the WA56 that is shipping with the standalone one and the one included with the TE Washington enhancement pack as central is not able to detect the duplicate versions of files WA56_1m_XP_A1, A2 and A3. Requesting someone from Orbx to please fix this and release a patch as many use uncompressed texture for those who can afford VRAM and will definit
  2. Hi Mawson great to know your findings on XP 11.50. Just wanted to check did you notice any significant frame rate improvements with Vulcan updates on Orbx sceneries? For example if previously if you were getting 30FPS on dense Orbx scenery, with Vulcan you are getting between 40 to 50 FPS. By any chance did you notice any such improvements? Thanks.
  3. Hi Marcus, Thanks again for the quick responses. Appreciate it. Yes, I do understand what you are saying. Just wanted to bring to your notice. I did a bit more investigation and poking around with this issue. I went into the LEAS scenery folder, and there I say one file named "LEAS_Mesh_5m.bgl". I just randomly thought this could be an elevation issue related to MESH and i turned this file to .OFF, then reloaded the sim to LEAS. I did find some elevation issues around the airport, but nothing out of place. It was all good. Then I started flying in the vicinity
  4. Hi Marcus, Thanks for your reply. As suggested I have turned off most of the options in vector. The only item ticked in vector is Highways. I have unticked all the features for LEAS. I have reduced the P3D settings also (Autogen to Normal, Mesh complexity to 5m and Autogen scenery draw distance to Medium). Still no luck. I have a MSI 2080 TI with intel I9700k processor overclocked to 4.8ghz. Honestly, speaking keeping all of the highest settings as it is I do not see the same issues after disabling the airport. But enabling the airport causes th
  5. Hi Marcus, No issues. Please find the attached video below for your reference. Thanks, Aman Can you please navigate to the link below and let me know if you are able to view the video? https://imgur.com/Mp1pzJs
  6. I have created a new topic since I would like to have dedicated technical support for this issue. I have recently purchased LEAS Asturias Airport today. Following below is order information below: Order Information Transaction ID: 5e88a9b55a48d Product: LEAS Asturias Airport Purchased at: 2020-04-04 15:38:38 Quantity: 1 I have no issues with the LEAS Asturias Airport itself as such but there is an issue of texture tearing in the vicinity and surrounding the airport. This texture tearing looks ugly and completely ruins the immersion. Please refer to the scre
  7. Ok Thanks Nick. The installer has not not done this, but no issues. As long as it resolves the problem I am fine with it. I have disabled them manually. My only issue is that suppose I uninstall the scenery for some reason in future (lets assume to save disk space) and reinstall back again some time later, the issue is that if i do not remember to remove the manually disabled file, once the scenery is reinstalled or lets say i click on verify files, now I would i have 6 files, 3 enabled and 3 disabled which could cause issues again in the sim. Hence I hope that the installer can t
  8. Just one more info. Most the issues mentioned in TE GB - POI and 3DM issues topic is applicable to me as well. I am seeing similar issues in EGTH as well. The 3DM buildings interfering with airfields and the main old warden building its self is getting blocked. Again an example of this issue affecting the main POI itself. The image for this is attached in the TE GB - POI and 3DM issues thread.
  9. Forgot to add the license info for the product hence adding: Order Information Transaction ID: 5e5963b5ea86e Product: EDVY Porta Westfalica Airport Order Information Transaction ID: 5e5a8f9ad7db3 Product: EGPH Edinburgh Airport Order Information Transaction ID: 5e5a1fe123b62 Product: CityScene Gold Coast Transaction ID: 5b79262736441 Product: TrueEarth Netherlands HD Order Information Transaction ID: 5dfe601cd0c13 Product: Cityscape Canberra
  10. Hello, I am a VFR flyer mostly and like to fly low and slow. I generally never file for bugs. In fact I have never once filed for bug reports even once since the time I have been buying Orbx products. This is the very first time for me. I have a deep appreciation for all the Orbx XPlane products and the superior quality and scenery is unmatched by anyone else. I only have issues with P3D payware Orbx sceneries. Off lately I am seeing quality issues across product lines which is breaking immersion factor and actually looks downright ugly. The more
  11. Great shot. I love the combination of shadow and light on the terrain below. Looks so good and realistic
  12. Great shots these!! And great quality freeware bell too... May i know what do you use in xplane to fly your chopper? Do you have a dedicated cyclic or are you using the good old yoke. I tried to fly heli in xplane but was way to difficult compared to p3d. So i gave up altogether. But i was using the x55 hotas and do not have dedicated cyclic or collective control. Would definitely like to know about your experiences.
  13. Great different view of eghi. Superb shots
  14. Great tips!! Will look into it. Thanks for the info
  15. Great shots!!! May i know what is the time taken to load any TE Florida scenery? Mine takes well over 15 mins... Are your load times too similar?
  16. Thank you for your kind words. Yes some of them are Everglades and rest of them interior Florida
  17. I can fly a thousand times from Goodwood and still get amazed by the scenery every single time. Orbx have done a fabulous job depicting this beauty. Anyone else vouch for Goodwood?
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