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  1. Superb shots and a beautiful bird
  2. Thanks Jack. It's dusk
  3. Great set of shots Jack. They look so real!
  4. Thanks lain Thank you Thanks Breeze Thanks Adam Glad you liked them Brad Thanks Jack. Glad you liked them Thanks VH Though I haven't visited Florida, at least in the virtual word it looks beautiful. Hope the visit some day. Isn't Florida this beautiful in real life?
  5. Love old birds...they sure do have an aura about them....great shots showcasing them.
  6. Liverpool is a beauty and your shots sure bring out the best of this city. Outstanding!!!
  7. Simply outstanding!!! Love the close ups, hues and colors. Fantastic!!
  8. Thank you and very well said......Now all we need is some virtual beer
  9. Sights of Surreal Berlin
  10. Dario.....these shots are not home run but they are out of the park!!! Great set of shots.
  11. I agree....superb hill & great set of shots!!!
  12. Love the colors.....just beautiful shots Adam. Curious to know, were they taken with Atmospherics on?
  13. Let me start for this month........Best of luck to all. LOWI AT DUSK.
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