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  1. Must say A2A looks great along with Orbx scenery.
  2. These are wonderful shots. Enjoyed every one of them
  3. Hello ED, This newer orthoimagery for parts of the state that have much better color tones, would that be added to TE Oregon for XP 11 as well with an update? Or is that not applicable to XP 11? Thanks.
  4. Hello, Is there an ETA for the floating buildings fix? TE South Cal is nice but the floating buildings are really an immersion killer. Thanks.
  5. Hello, Adding to the above floating buildings....attaching screenshots of the same. I am not aware of So Cal area.... maybe it is already covered in the above mentioned areas or maybe not. Latitude and Longitude info is attached in the screenshot. Thanks.
  6. what are LM and hf1? Lockheed Martin hot fix 1 Ouch...thats quiet a lengthy process...also assuming if you had p3dv4 then you also had to uninstall everything. But a clean fresh install is definitely the way to go if smooth performance is needed. Hope you are enjoying p3d v5. Thanks
  7. Thanks Dario, your insights definitely help making an informed decision. Like you even I do not mind having just p3d v5 installation alone as I too am running out of space. The only bummer for me keep setting up sceneries which is a real pain. I read the release notes on LM for p3d 5 hf1 and it was stated by them if possible to do a clean install all over again for better results. Now imagine if I would have set up before hf1, and then setup again after hf1 would have been a real pain. How was your experience setting up from scratch? Did you also go thru the hassles? Thanks again for taking t
  8. I found NO PTA much more vibrant and skies looked bluer. YMMV, but looking at screenshots atleast I prefer NO PTA.
  9. Dario I must say your screen shots are making me reconsider and jump onto P3DV5 bandwagon! I thought I was happy with V4 but this is another level. If possible, can you let me know if whether you are witnessing crisper textures in V5 than V4 or is it just an illusion or just great atmospherics? Non-crisp textures in 2020 are definitely a deal breaker for me......
  10. Jack you are just nailing it with your shots! Is this p3dv4 or v5? Such crisp textures.....
  11. Great shots and nice PA!!
  12. Man those textures are so sharp! Great shots! This has got me curious....can you please let me know if you are visibly getting much sharper textures in V5 compared to V4? I love sharp textures and hence wanted to know your experience in V5. Thanks
  13. As always beautiful set of shots and closeups
  14. Thanks schtroumf....I love Germany both in real life as well as virtually
  15. Love the landscape. If you love landscapes Africa is a must. Love shots Gerold
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