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  1. 19 minutes ago, Orbx Flyer said:

    As far as Steam being just the Client...that is the point.  You do need to have it run resident to use and open up Steam's MSFS.  I have STEAM as well, but as you say, any other game, truly is resident upon your P.C. even STEAM FSX...all resident.  No live Azure Cloud download in real time.  Ams...this is different.  I understand your good point highlights...and I have other games,  racing, truck simulator, strategy...all from the Steam Client being required to run them...but as far as my wanting as 'clean' a memory profile, and as 'clean' upon the CPU cycles...I decided to purchase outside the STEAM Client requirement...and that means, that it will not be in memory, CPU maintenance required to monitor, etc, etc.  I agree with you, that there are advantages to purchasing a game from the STEAM CLIENT platform...but with one that requires live stream Azure Cloud content...I'm going to (I did) not purchase it on that platform, or would have. Also, as I or you, unless a representative of STEAM addresses where and how the live Azure Cloud pathway will come to your P.C....(I believe with absence of that, that it will still be pathway-ed THROUGH the STEAM Client,  as M.S. will see this as a Steam Game asset.) ...and so,  personally wish to head that requirement 'off at the pass'.  I'd suggest to anybody who have made up their minds pretty much that they are going to go the STEAM Client pathway...that they contact STEAM and get a WRITTEN/Email confirmation, that the pathway from the M.S. Azure Cloud, will come DIRECTLY from M.S.'s address and not first sequestered to the STEAM address, and then streamed down to your STEAM game asset. I'd check that out, as you feel the Cloud access will still be direct from M.S.,  even if you are required (which we all know you will be) to host the STEAM Client live in memory to even run MSFS.  I'd be sure of that, before you purchase in that pathway.  Just for your own personal due diligence.  This is new stuff...a game (ouch...) that will require live content, to give you the premium experience, (yes, there is a canned download cache option, yes...) but 99 percent of the flight time for us all, will be with live streaming...so...there it is. Cheers! :)  Ams..if I am Left Fielding this...no damage done...but it should induce someone considering purchasing through STEAM, and needing to run the STEAM CLIENT in memory...to find out...about the pathway of live stream, before they purchase, IF...that will matter to them.  If not...then this post for them, is pretty much redundant. ;)

    Hi Orbx Flyer,

    First off a great post! All points you mentioned above are great and definitely should be considered for a purchaser. I am glad we are discussing this and more perspectives & thoughts on this, the better we are as then, we can make an informed decision before we dive in to purchase. You have put the pros and cons nicely for anyone including myself to consider. 

    Cheers :) 


  2. Well for one th

    10 hours ago, Orbx Flyer said:

    Well, in the case of buying it through Steam...you'd have to run the steam app in the background. That takes CPU and its background monitoring and activity of the APP/Site,  and then Steam would have to be your portal to the M.S. Cloud...so another layer of asset oversight.   The way I see it anyways..and of course,  one will purchase where they wish...but through the Steam Site..I just don't see it as a direct clear fastest download  feed-line from the M.S. Cloud to your P.C.  That would be my personal concern in my 'where to' purchase decision.  Cheers!  To run MSFS as a STEAM in-house purchase,  you will need to first call up STEAM into memory....and it stays there active to  CPU required memory management,  for the sim duration.

    Good point and I agree with you. But there are a few things that I like about steam which I will point out...

    1. On steam platform I pay using my country currency. I don't have to pay using aud or usd. Hence that saves me from 3.5% that get's slapped on my credit card for every foreign currency purchase. In Microsoft Store o can purchase in my local currency as well. So in this case both are the same.

    2. I have purchased a few games from ms store such as forza horizon 4 and forza Motorsport (both are amazing) but my experience in downloading and managing software is something to be much desired. In steam it's much much more easy and simplfied. For example I boot up steam and I click on the game and I can directly open folder containing the game via steam library management. Plus there are a lot of features that steam gives for managing your game compared to ms store. Not that ms store is bad, but I guess it's much more a preference.

    3. Also steam is just a client. That's it. Nothing more. Once you download the game via steam client. It's on your hard drive. Now let's say you boot up the sim and now you need to stream in data from azure cloud, I do not think you need to route via steam. The game would directly connect to Azure cloud and stream data required as per scenery as the data is stored in Azure cloud not steam. Hence steam does not have anything to do with this.

    Lastly I also have xplane 11 and run via steam and I do not see any performance degrade due to steam. Steam is just a light client to connect to steam servers and does not have any impact on the sims performance. 


    However if any one have faced performance issues due to steam client running background I would like to know. But highly unlikely.

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  3. +1. I had the same question. But in a slightly different form.


    Is it advisable to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator via microsoft store or on Steam?

    I understand that Orbx works fine with FSX Steam Edition and I am assuming same should be the case here as well.


    But if anyone from Orbx could suggest to us customers purchasing from where be more advisable, it would be great.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Stillwater said:

    Great shots mate. I have not seen Canbra in that detail here before.



    52 minutes ago, John Dow said:


    And Maurizio modelled and/or hand placed every building in the scenery photoreal area.  Three years of dedication. 

    Agree with you John. 3 years in the making & dedication. Also AUv2 and cityscape shines thru in p3dv5> I have much better fidelity with cityscapes in V5 than I ever had in V4

  5. 9 minutes ago, carlosqr said:

    Thank you, roger that

    Well, I have all shadows and reflections enabled :(


    Sure thing this is my rig


    Asus motherboard H110M-A

    Asus GeForce Tuf gaming GTX 1660 Super OC (6G)

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40 GHz

    32 GB RAM  -Windows 10 Pro 64 bit OS

    3840 x 2160, 60 Hz 4k 55" TV screen 


    Yeap I got it




    Thank you again




    Sent you PM. Pls check

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  6. 2 minutes ago, carlosqr said:

    Hi AMS

    Thanks a lot for replying

    I don't know, I launched yesterday TE Oregon and it didn't even launched the scenery, it just showed a piece of blue in the top right of the screen and closed, with this message




    Would you mind sending me in PM your settings so maybe I can try those? I am putting all of my effort to like V5 version but sometimes I feel my liver falls apart :(


    Sure I will send you my settings in a while. I completely turn of clouds, shadows, almost all unnecessary reflections etc which are immediately not required. The whole idea is to be able to run a complex scenery to have crisp textures. The processing power should be spent on drawing crisp textures first and the remaining later.


    Meanwhile can you please let me know which graphics card you are using and your graphics card memory?


    As you might be aware P3DV5 runs on DX12 which is dependent on your graphics card memory. Going forward the same is for Vulkan release of XP11 as well.

    P3DV4 is not because of DX11 as all graphics calls are routed via cpu and hence cpu is the bottleneck here.

    In your case above that could be the case which kind of explains what might be happening as I suspect.


  7. 2 hours ago, carlosqr said:

    These are awesome shots!!

    Love them

    Is this V4.5?

    I cannot fly TE products in V5 :(

    Thanks Carlosqr. Glad you like them. 

    This is V5 with HF2

    I am able to fly TE products in both V4.5 and V5. 

    May I know why you are not able to fly TE products in V5?


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