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  1. Great set of shots Iain!!
  2. Wonderful!! Great set of shots Carlosqr!! I love the plane too...May I know which one? Carenado?
  3. Ams


    Thanks Carlosqr. Glad you like them. This is V5 with HF2 I am able to fly TE products in both V4.5 and V5. May I know why you are not able to fly TE products in V5?
  4. Ams


    Thanks Iain. Glad you liked them
  5. Great set of shots Jack. May I know which plane are you flying?
  6. Thanks Iain. Glad you liked them Brad. Yes, this is V5
  7. Wow!! Great shots. Really enjoyed watching them
  8. Great Shots Iain. Narvik is one of the best products of Orbx !!!
  9. Pls try to go to packages section and see if anything is disabled there. The general rule is anything that is installed outside of the root sim folder and is installed via add-on.xml method should appear in packages. In this case when enabling or disabling a scenery always enable/disable it via the packages tab and refrain from enable/disable via scenery tab. Regards, Ams
  10. Thanks Jack!! You should definitely explore these
  11. P3DV5 with water setting set to ultra. Glad you liked them.
  12. Thanks Stillwater. Glad you like it
  13. Thanks Stillwater. Glad you liked it
  14. Beautiful set of shots Jack. really love the first and second one.....
  15. Great set of shots!! All of them are look great!
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