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  1. Ok. Try signing out of your Microsoft account in the sim and then sign in back and see if your issues are resolved.


    So for example, let's say you uninstall Orbx London pack. Now after that sign out of your ms account in the game. Then sign in back and check.

    Everytime you uninstall something and it doesn't work, try signing out and sign in again. Please let me know the results

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  2. 5 hours ago, Orbx Flyer said:





    This sim #*((@(@  ROCKS!


    Now..for the rest of the story..:


    installation metrics:


    First off my system metrics:

    i7-975 Extreme 4 logical cores overclocked in Alienware 11 BIOS to 4.3 GHz on stable air-cool O.E.M. cooler

    12 GB's of high end 3200 MHz RAM

    EVGA 1070  model: FTW 8GB 

    Extreme 3D Pro Joy Stick (no rudder pedals)


    Now, the installation metrics:

     Ordered:  MSFS Premium Deluxe Edition

    Downloaded at 95.15 GB compressed

    With a 380 Gbs down pipe:

    .63 GB's per minute or 38.06 GB's per hour  

    Total download time to complete installation 2.5 hours


    First run and set up:   $((#***  AMAZING:


    The initial run and MSFS system scan offered me HIGH, which I accepted.

    I flew my first flight (with drop dead gorgeous and smooth scenery and animation, using the TBM) with the DEV FPS screen on...and was getting my full nVidia lock down of 31 FPS with half sync 30 fps via the nVidia control panel.  Dead smooth, NON STUTTER sim flight animation. High setting was/is gorgeous at 3440x1440  (Dell wide body monitor) resolution.

    The sim is set for full internet access and live weather.  Nothing is cut off, or dumbed down.  


    On my older system with ONLY 12 GB's of yeah...really good high end high freq ram....is simply KILLER PERFORMANCE!


    Folks..and fellow Orbx'ites...I am so beyond HAPPY this early morning...and I highly doubt I will ever be going backwards to P3D and XP...so...I have a used copy of each for sale, LOLOLOL!  Yeah...just kidding....


    For  ^((%$# and giggles, I raised the default level to ULTRA across the board, and WOW....only dropped 5 FPS to 25/27 at full Ultra...again...dead smooth NO STUTTER flight animation. No stutter in sound, no immersion killing stutter of ANY KIND.  I don't need to purchase the Xbox...unless I really want to for portability.   


    So...it took me a whole whopping 1/2  hour to set up the sim down to the nines...joystick included...and all it's 1,000,000 buttons...lol


    Well folks..that was/has been my experience with the sim...and now..going to bring up another coffee to the Den...and hope I don't wake up my wife....for it's gonna be a LONG MORNING...she can slide food under the door...


    Cheers and beers, all....again....what a FANTASTIC personal initial experience for myself at least.  I don't need no stinkin'  new computer...the Dell XPS 730s ROCKS and you can ( I know...I am..) even have only 12 GB's of GOOD RAM,  to make this sim heaven...no stutters...all smooth...at HIGH, or if you can allow a shave of 5 FPS in my case...all at ULTRA...(can you see me dancing around the Den?) 




    Orbx Flyer...or Mitch for short...  bye bye...places to go...people to do in...flight sim to fly...  Cheers!  :)

    WOW!! congrats... I can really feel the excitement just reading your experience and thanks for sharing it with us. Mine is still downloading so I'll just have to wait I guess. 

    Learnt a great deal from your experience and great tips!! Please keep sharing them with us 



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  3. 11 minutes ago, Roger Dodger said:


    No, through the Microsoft Store. I really didn’t want any more apps on my PC but in this case it seems I had no choice but to install the Game Pass.


    (Download just finished, first of the settings screen came up. Download time about 90 minutes.)




    Thanks Roger for your reply. And WOW....100+ GB in 90 mins on Azure servers is great!! Do let us know when you have the chance about your first experience with the sim.

    Were you stunned, pleased, exited, disappointed? It would be great to have your experience shared with us.

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  4. 14 minutes ago, Roger Dodger said:

    I appreciate these are Orbx forums but I hope this post will be allowed since without MSFS 2020 installing it will affect Orbx purchases.


    Yesterday I thought I had pre-installed MSFS 2020 Premium Deluxe through the Microsoft store but it turns out it was only the initial 990mb. I just spent two frustrating hours this morning getting nowhere beyond the “Press any key to start” page. I am up to date on Windows version 2004, latest Nvidia drivers, Win10 updates done, run everything as Administrator, etc etc. I was getting nowhere with the actual install of MSFS 2020.


    It turns out, on my machine, I have to have the XBox Game Pass installed. So I went into the Microsoft store and installed the XBox beta. I have left that open in the background and made sure I was logged into the store. Then launched MSFS 2020, again, as Admin. Success, it took me through the screens for where to install etc and as I type it is now downloading.


    I did not bother with an actual Game Pass subscription. I just installed the app. I don’t want more stuff than necessary to run my flight sims. Anyway, I hope this post helps other frustrated simmers. Fingers crossed I actually get to fly this morning.



    Great tip Roger. Though I didn't face any problems mentioned above since my is via Steam. But just wanted to check with you, how long did it take to install "Content Manager"?

    In spite of having an internet connection with decent download speed its been taking quite a while for me. Is it the same for you as well?

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  5. Hello,


    Looks like for us flight simmers the brunt of a weak hardware is much more as we need a good cpu, gpu and either M.2 or SATA SSD at least to get a decent fidelity out of our sims.
    Now with the immanent launch of 3000 series we are looking at a cost of upwards to 1200 to 1500 USD for top of the line 3080ti and some where below for 1000 usd for 3080 or 3070 series with maybe 8GB or 11GB VRAM.

    And all of this is within or less than 3 years of 2080 series launch

    On top of that add cpu, motherboard, decent tower, ssd (M2 or SATA) (if you want your sim to really load fast and i think ssd speeds also matters in the new upcoming MSFS 2020 is not going to be any different in this department) the hardware costs keep sky rocketing with no respite in site.


    Its taken a good 8 to 10 yrs or so for 1080 series to age but not so 2080 series. So if my system were to be obsolete in 3 to 4 years with a 2080 series card, this is just not sustainable.

    Apologize for the rant, but if the community has any thoughts I would like to hear how other are managing this or what are the compromises that one can live with and what compromises one should not make in hardware department.




  6. Quiet an interesting poll here. But what surprises me is that in all three of the polls results below Steam is ahead due to multiple reasons outlined in the discussions. I also agree with the discussions on most part, but of course its down to the individual. Then again this is not the all and end all conclusion but just an interesting fact.

    I guess even MS wanted this new sim to reach a larger/wider number of enthusiasts and higher sales hence via steam.









  7. Microsoft Flight Simulator closed beta invite.


    I had received the Microsoft Flight Simulator closed beta invite in the month of August itself and I wasn't even aware. Damn it!!! What are the odds huh...I am fuming with myself.

    The invite had gone and sat in my outlook email Junk folder!! By chance I thought of clearing my outlook junk folder today and yeah, surely i noticed the invite sitting there since August.

    Never mind now we are so close to release so I guess it was fate.


    Anyway thought of posting this in forum because in case anyone had applied for Alpha or Beta programs could go and check their trash/junk folder in their email for closed beta invitations.


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