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  1. Excellent set of shots!! Love the B2 with the backdrop....
  2. Wonderful set of shots!!
  3. Thanks for your reply Nick. Your reply helps me bring down my anxieties related to all the hardware related stuff as well as the new MSFS 2020 requirements.
  4. Hello, Looks like for us flight simmers the brunt of a weak hardware is much more as we need a good cpu, gpu and either M.2 or SATA SSD at least to get a decent fidelity out of our sims. Now with the immanent launch of 3000 series we are looking at a cost of upwards to 1200 to 1500 USD for top of the line 3080ti and some where below for 1000 usd for 3080 or 3070 series with maybe 8GB or 11GB VRAM. And all of this is within or less than 3 years of 2080 series launch On top of that add cpu, motherboard, decent tower, ssd (M2 or SATA) (if you want your sim to really load f
  5. Great set of shots Dario. Loved them
  6. Brilliant set of shots!! Loved watching them
  7. Thanks! Agree with you John. 3 years in the making & dedication. Also AUv2 and cityscape shines thru in p3dv5> I have much better fidelity with cityscapes in V5 than I ever had in V4
  8. Great shots Phil!! Really high quality. Welcome back
  9. Beautiful shots Carlos and a great story line too!!
  10. Ams


    Sent you PM. Pls check
  11. Ams


    Sure I will send you my settings in a while. I completely turn of clouds, shadows, almost all unnecessary reflections etc which are immediately not required. The whole idea is to be able to run a complex scenery to have crisp textures. The processing power should be spent on drawing crisp textures first and the remaining later. Meanwhile can you please let me know which graphics card you are using and your graphics card memory? As you might be aware P3DV5 runs on DX12 which is dependent on your graphics card memory. Going forward the same is for Vulkan release of XP11 a
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