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  1. Ok Thanks Nick. So just wanted to confirm that there is nothing wrong with my installation. Correct?
  2. Hello, Can someone please confirm if they are also facing the same issue with EGPH as its a very ugly issue for me. In the Edinburgh main control tower as you can see in the attached videos, only when I move far away the ground texture underneath the Edinburgh main control tower ground turns black. Only when I come very close to tower it appears again. This is totally ruining my experience with this airport. I have done whats possible from my end such as verify files, for both the airport and great britan north, changed views, run the Orbx vector tool, but nothing works. Hence I would be very grateful to anyone to please let me if you too face this issue or is this an issue only with my installation and any ideas how to fix this? Thanks Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4 2020-03-05 00-58-18 (online-video-cutter.com).mp4 Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4 2020-03-05 00-59-17 (online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  3. Ok Thanks Nick. The installer has not not done this, but no issues. As long as it resolves the problem I am fine with it. I have disabled them manually. My only issue is that suppose I uninstall the scenery for some reason in future (lets assume to save disk space) and reinstall back again some time later, the issue is that if i do not remember to remove the manually disabled file, once the scenery is reinstalled or lets say i click on verify files, now I would i have 6 files, 3 enabled and 3 disabled which could cause issues again in the sim. Hence I hope that the installer can take care of such scenarios. Over time I loose track of all the manual changes I have done and hence refrain from changing anything manually in the sim. I found another issue this time near London Eye. Same overlapping building issue on a POI causing flickering. I can still live with few buildings overlapping each other but the the flickering it causes is the bigger issue. Thanks.
  4. Just one more info. Most the issues mentioned in TE GB - POI and 3DM issues topic is applicable to me as well. I am seeing similar issues in EGTH as well. The 3DM buildings interfering with airfields and the main old warden building its self is getting blocked. Again an example of this issue affecting the main POI itself. The image for this is attached in the TE GB - POI and 3DM issues thread.
  5. Forgot to add the license info for the product hence adding: Order Information Transaction ID: 5e5963b5ea86e Product: EDVY Porta Westfalica Airport Order Information Transaction ID: 5e5a8f9ad7db3 Product: EGPH Edinburgh Airport Order Information Transaction ID: 5e5a1fe123b62 Product: CityScene Gold Coast Transaction ID: 5b79262736441 Product: TrueEarth Netherlands HD Order Information Transaction ID: 5dfe601cd0c13 Product: Cityscape Canberra
  6. Hello, I am a VFR flyer mostly and like to fly low and slow. I generally never file for bugs. In fact I have never once filed for bug reports even once since the time I have been buying Orbx products. This is the very first time for me. I have a deep appreciation for all the Orbx XPlane products and the superior quality and scenery is unmatched by anyone else. I only have issues with P3D payware Orbx sceneries. Off lately I am seeing quality issues across product lines which is breaking immersion factor and actually looks downright ugly. The more worrying issue for me is that these issues seem to be bleeding across not only recently released products but even products that have been released in the past. Coming to the issues itself, I am seeing issues in both land class based and true earth products. I see issues in EDVY, Australia gold coast & Canberra, across GB True Earth, Netherlands true earth, EGHP and a few more other places as well. In fact EGHP and canberra for p3d are a total disappointment. 1. Primarily the issues are two: The autogen buildings overlapping with other 3DM buildings (POIs as well) which results in bad flickering building textures which is quiet noticable even from far and higher altitudes. 2. Second is for some buildings textures unload when you fly away from them resulting again in flickering building and then building textures load again when you come up close again. I am not sure if this is an inherent p3d issue? But if its a p3d issue it should affect all building textures. But texture unload is happening only in some specific portion of building textures while other building textures do not unload as you move away from it. I have tried resolving this issue by reading several forum within both Orbx and outside but its not getting resolved. The reason I have to take time and file bugs this time is because buying p3d v4 payware Orbx products have become a hit and miss affair. I do understand if it happens at a few places and I generally ignore these anamolies as theses sceneries are huge. But all the screenshots I have attached are payware and its affecting the obvious (such as airport buildings and major POIs). Imagine purchasing a new airport and being excited about your purchase loading up the sim only to be greeted by overlapping main airport terminal buildings and flickering textures. These are the same issues that affect Netherlands True Earth as well especially in dense areas. Overlapping buildings causing flickering building textures is common. I have not attached pic or videos of the same but if required I can do so. Please fly over EHAM over dense city and the problem would become obvious. For example the quality of products like ENNK and LOWI are hard to find and anamolies are becoming too many and on prominent POIs. Its so sad that it all has come down to this. I used to get excited new Orbx release but now the first thing I buy & install a new product and hope there are no glaring issues with it. Its becoming harder and harder for me to justify my spends and keep supporting the devs if the quality issues are so obvious. Calling out to JV, Nick Cooper, Jon Clarke, Devs or anyone else, humble request you to please help with these. Regards, Aman. Overlapping Main Airport Buildings EDVY Overlapping Main Airport Buildings EDVY Texture Unloads almost immediately and does not show up even when you come close - EDPH Texture loads only when up when you come VERY close - EDPH EDPH - City just beyond the airport EDPH - City just beyond the airport EDPH - City football stadium Default YBCG Airport - Note: Glass building appears between two other buildings - causing massive flickering when flying in the sim. Gold Coast City - causing massive flickering when flying in the sim. Gold Coast City - causing massive flickering when flying in the sim - IN ACTION Goldcoast Overlapping Video Issue.mp4
  7. Great shot. I love the combination of shadow and light on the terrain below. Looks so good and realistic
  8. Great shots these!! And great quality freeware bell too... May i know what do you use in xplane to fly your chopper? Do you have a dedicated cyclic or are you using the good old yoke. I tried to fly heli in xplane but was way to difficult compared to p3d. So i gave up altogether. But i was using the x55 hotas and do not have dedicated cyclic or collective control. Would definitely like to know about your experiences.
  9. Great different view of eghi. Superb shots
  10. Great tips!! Will look into it. Thanks for the info
  11. Great shots!!! May i know what is the time taken to load any TE Florida scenery? Mine takes well over 15 mins... Are your load times too similar?
  12. Hard Winter & Snow @ Netherlands
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