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  1. Yes I agree, I am not trying to be too picky though but I do like to sight see fly over the city and that is why I notice them.
  2. Thanks for the reply Tony, I thought these may be the issues, I will have to wait for the updates from Xplane and then Orbx. My GPU has 4 VRAM but I won`t be updating it for a long while unfortunately other things need my money first lol. Thanks again .
  3. Thanks Jon, I thought this may be the case as I am on the latest beta, I will look forward to updates from Xplane and then Orbx.
  4. I have the new update, thanks for that but I am still having issues . Westminster bridge is still broken, Canary Wharf is still blurred. ground textures are not as good as they used to be, no carriages on cable car or animation ( near EGLC ) and I have no animated cars on EGHR Goodwood. Are these down for fixing on another update? Many thanks.
  5. Hi Tony, Thank`s for your reply, My London landmarks are high up, I find if they are not that London eye is missing and London bridge is like a building. I have downloaded the patch ( thank you very much ) and it works fine with the ghost buildings although Westminster bridge has not altered, as you mentioned it is probably a Laminar issue. It is great work you are doing BTW, it is all double dutch to me. I love True Earth and realise it will get better with updates, for myself I would like the ground textures to be a little lighter shade of green, is there any adjustments that can be made? Th
  6. I am not sure if this is the same issue as with the London scenery but why does my Westmister bridge look nothing like the first pic which is on your TE GB south pics?
  7. Is this issue any closer to being fixed, meanwhile Orbx are still making new products to sell, should this issue take priority for their customers who remain loyal? No disrespect intended but it has been an issue for a long time now.
  8. Hi Mark, sorry to you as well for asking about changing the airport parking, I did not know it was not allowed for customers to alter them.
  9. Sorry Jon I did not realise it was not allowed.
  10. There are two files one from Earth nav data and one from Earth nav data Statics, I am not sure why but the second one always says statics when you don`t have statics and vice versa? Thanks for taking a look, to me they seem the same as the old ones but don`t seem to work when altered. The update has some writing on the industrial units at the back of the airport and red buildings at the side for aircraft and the tower height has been corrected.
  11. Hi Mark, I got EGNM Leeds airport working well but the I downloaded an update for that airport and although I have tried the same thing in WED I can not get it to work, have you had this issue with this airport? I have tried with statics too like I did for East midlands but that did not work either.
  12. A strange thing but when viewing London city by zooming in from Heathrow Airport tower the missing items are visible ?
  13. Thanks Mark, I will change to static and maybe OTBX will fix this problem in time. You have helped me a lot thank you.
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