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  1. thank you! Any news as to when we can exect TEGB Central for P3D and will we be getting Manchester Barton?
  2. Hi I already own True Earth GB South for P3Dv4, will I be able to use the Southampton Airport add-on without purchasing anything else apart from EGHI? Thanks
  3. Problem solved...tried it again with IDM, an Ethernet cable and FTX Central needed an update. Not sure which of them worked, or a combination of all. Thanks - Phil
  4. Solution doesn’t seem to have worked, download still taking hours and at the end, “downloading” changes to “paused” and doesn’t change to “installed” I’ve tried the download options button
  5. Hi I have just bought True Earth Netherlands for use with Prepar3d v4.4 and started the download via FTX Central. Download is very very slow (I have fibre broadband) and first time I tried, when download finished, it simply paused and still said not installed. 2nd time I tried, paused half way and I couldn't re-start. Any suggestions? Thanks
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