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  1. Hi Holger, thanks for the quick reply! Appreciate the info, I'll see if it's possible to get these added to the FS Airlines database. Thanks,
  2. I am looking to buy the new Balearic Islands (it looks fantastic, great job!) for X-Plane and was wondering if there is a list of the heliports added? Are they added as actual airports that can be navigated to via GPS with ICAO codes? I would like to add them to the database on FS Airlines but would need them to be actual airports as opposed to just geometry that can be landed on with no database entry. Is there a map or list of these heliports? Thanks!
  3. I can confirm EGLC has some nice slopes. Whether or not they are accurate I cannot say as I have only observed the runway from my uni across the water.
  4. Brilliant, thanks for the prompt response! I assume this is something to do with nav date being wiped from existing airports when replaced? Think I saw it in another thread here earlier today. Is there a thread where we can keep an eye out for scenery updates? New to the forums!
  5. Not sure if a problem my end or a missing feature - I have no ground or tower control at EGLC and no ground services either. I am definitely in the Orbx version of the scenery.
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