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  1. @Quantum Amiga, Thanks but that looks too complex for me to install even though I have 12 years of experience of installing payware addon sceneries and aircrafts. Besides, I think Orbx is making Aurora package for FSX and P3D. Do they? Regards, Aharon
  2. Thanks to all for answers but I prefer to buy from Orbx Regards, Aharon
  3. Shalom and greetings Orbx management, Last year or 2 years ago, Orbx said they were planning to make payware Aurora Borealis package for FSX and P3D use. May I kindly inquire what is the status of this software or has it be released for sale? Yes I know that freeware ENJA Jan Mayensfield features free Aurora Borealis but I am not referring to that. I am referring to payware Aurora Borealis package for FSX and P3D use that can be used and seen during flights in Norway, Alaska, and northern Canada. Thank you for any info any of you provide on this status.
  4. Thanks, @Holger Sandmann Much appreciated!!! Regards, Aharon
  5. Sorry to bring up this one year old thread but I am wondering if Orbx has chance to incorporate pink waters into the coming service pack of the Orbx Australia Base version 2, please? Thanks. Aharon
  6. @jean marc, Not a problem I have been using exclusively and only laptops for flight simming for past 12 years and the fact that you said you managed to get MS2020 run in your year 2015 laptop got me curious. Does MS2020 run smoothly on your year 2015 laptop or does MS2020 shutter few times on your laptop? When you said you added extra SSD drive to second slot, do you mean you added internal SSD drive to your year 2015 laptop or do you mean attaching external SSD drive to your laptop? Regards, Aharon
  7. How is it possible to use MS2020 on a laptop that was made in year 2005 and SSD drive was not even invented in 2005?????? Regards, Aharon
  8. HEY Famous FSRoberts, I remember you from FSW forums!!! Regards, Aharon
  9. Delivering Chanukah/Christmas gift of Porsche to a lucky recipient. HAPPY CHANUKAH AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO All OF YOU Regards, Aharon
  10. Shalom and greetings all my pals, My 7 year old laptop although in mint condition has two or three keyboard buttons including letter L that are no longer operable due to age (not due to any dirt). Is it doable to program and change from number 5 to letter L in numerical pad on right side of my laptop keyboard layout??? If so, how do I do that, please? Thanks, Aharon
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