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  1. Beautiful....may I ask what aircraft that is?
  2. The wonder of orthos... no repetition ... as the universe made it, not man. It's taken a while to get back to nature in the flight sim world!
  3. I get that and agree, but didn't that already happen the moment we installed windows, facebook and a myriad of others? I find google just as ominous as MS.
  4. I remember reading a couple years ago about a company that had developed a 3D rendering system (for the Israeli Army I believe) and they were selling it. To who, I can't remember now, but what it does is render a 3D scenery from a fly over ...in about 5x real time...a full render. The video demonstrated how you could "fly" down into a stadium and virtually sit in the seats, it was that high of a resolution. Mind boggling! So looking at the still shot of the stadium here...that's what I see...this isn't an overlay(?) it's all one complete render except for the road traffic. To me, the detail is way too high for it to be an overlay. Anyone else see that article perhaps?
  5. https://imgur.com/j0aDwy6
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