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  1. Sweet pics! Always great to see comments from someone familiar with the area. Very impressive scenery.
  2. Great shots as usual Filou! After many flights, I am still astonished at this scenery. Infinitely changing, gorgeous scenery. Don't have enough hours to explore it all.
  3. That's better! But with the A5 you get a Rotax for the extra 250 grand. What a deal!
  4. Gorgeous shots. This is interesting. Had no concept it could cost this much. Wow. The price for a fully equipped A5 will be US$389,000, while the base price will rise to US$269,000, although base models will not be delivered until 2019 at the earliest. Back to work!
  5. Excellent! The shadows add a lot in this shot. And what could be nicer than a Spit over lush green Britain?
  6. Looks fantastic! Glad I'm on this bus! I'm also glad I am a bit older and have seen the evolution of flight sims since the beginning. Change and advances used to come so slowly. Remember how long it took until we could fill our screens with autogen without a slideshow happening? Times they are a changin' - on this technological hyperbolic curve that we are on.
  7. I got a chuckle out of this, it's so true! They could boost their sales enormously if the demo booted up in Seattle or somewhere with good orthos, just a small area that really showed off what XPlane can do. I got interested only after I saw some incredible scenery made by Ortho4XP on youtube.
  8. Happy Birthday Tony. Many thanks and much gratitude to you for your contributions to the flight sim world. Every flight in TE is a dream fulfilled for so many of us. Cheers!
  9. A really fabulous release! The roads look much better. It's off to explore POI's. Thanks Orbx!
  10. Free icing on the cake that is in itself worth the price of admission. Well done Orbx. I look at that list of POI's and enhancements and I think of building just one of those in sketchup and I am already overwhelmed! Thanks Orbx! Really looking forward to this release.
  11. Hmmm it strikes me that you probably aren't using XP, if that's the case sorry! lol
  12. It's not hard....first copy your airport folder(s) into the Custom Scenery folder in your XP installation. Fire up XPlane until the intro screen and then exit XP. Now go to that Custom Scenery folder again and you will find a file to open: scenery_packs.ini Open that with notebook, just a text file. Basically the heirarchy needs to exist as this is the layering order that XP uses. Things may be mixed up a bit so cut and paste so that you have: airports global airports landmarks TE A TE B TE C TE D (possibly) mesh files (often starting with ZZZ) library folders (can exist anywhere, doesn't matter but I put them together at the bottom of the list) Now save that .ini file and boot up XP Have fun!
  13. To that I say OMG I will have to wear a drool bib until that baby is released!!
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