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  1. those are sweet thanks Iain!
  2. I often think of Iain, Nick, and all the developers, trouble shooters, what a tough jobs they are....these people are making the cake and we get to eat it....I have a lot of gratitude. Just for a taste of what it's all about- go under the hood with Overlay Editor or WED and create a little scenery.... very labor intensive...then think about creating all the models from scratch with photos. Man, I can't go there Now I see Oregon will be arriving soon...I could spend a year just on Washington... it really is an embarassment of riches for me....I can't keep up...but please keep them coming! lol Cheers everyone!
  3. Return your seats to the upright position....
  4. Awesome Jack...which traffic program is it?
  5. Spectacular shots! Oddly enough, I just completed a flight to 2W3 from Bowerman, what a lovely flight, and just landed on 16 with winds 220 @ 8knts haha not a smooth one.... but then taxied up to the same house as you! Cheers!
  6. Great shots thanks for those Iain!
  7. Misty magical colors, super realistic yet out of this world well done, well done!!
  8. Super shots Jack. Very realistic colors...are you using xvision here?
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