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  1. The only problem at the moment is that the original question was for open hangars for X-Plane, which rather restricts the list until ORBX convert more of their scenery.
  2. And a really wacky suggestion for you. RAF Marham in Norfolk (EGYM) has both Rubb shelters that you can 'drive through' and Hardened Aircraft Shelters if you want something really, really secure! Though I'm not quite sure how you would reverse into the HAS. And the doors don't shut either. This is the excellent RAF Marham scenery package by dkm from X-Plane.org which blends in perfectly with TEGB South.
  3. X-Plane and the XTrident Tornado (albeit with non-standard weapon fit!) showing off the Norfolk countryside in TEGB South. Over Mildenhall & Lakenheath Returning to Marham
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