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  1. Thanks guys, Just wish I could visit Washington in real life now and see it for real
  2. Was finally able to buy TE: Washington (needed the credit card to cut off for the month) Took a flight from Friday Harbour, then over Bellingham, then down towards Seattle, then to a small airfield I loved when playing the X-plane 11 demo before finally heading towards Aberdeen and landing at Bowerman airfield (loved the freeware version for ORBX's PNW). Annoyingly I should of set the time about an hour or so later as the photos before and around Bellingham were too dark. Everett: Eyeing up Seattle: Seattle: Eyeing up the mountain in the distance: Approaching Bowerman:
  3. Looks fantastic, can't wait to get it myself
  4. Same, i average around 22-24 fps while in/around London as it is. I'd dread to think what it will be like with this airport
  5. I decided to go ahead and purchase Xvision after seeing some of the shots on here - gotta say wish I'd bought it earlier. Used Renaults pre-set Daytime shots were from a flight from Wellesbourne to Blackpool, and evening shots were from a short flight from Shoreham to Portsmouth.
  6. Lovely shots, would never of guessed the castle as Warwick is the only one I'd of recognised as its my local castle (but sadly isn't modelled in TE south).
  7. Yeah I have the Robin - its a great plane.
  8. So with the x-plane org store having a sale this weekend I picked up two of the Aerobask planes I'd been eyeing up as my first payware planes. Got the DIamond DA62, Shot taken west of Inverness: and the Eclipse 550 NG, shot taken over the Isle of Wight:
  9. Excellent shots, I love that last one in particular
  10. No, everything bar ORBX and aircraft is standard X-plane with time and weather set to match real world conditions
  11. Flying over Blackpool: Over the Yorkshire Dales/Pennines: And finally over the City of Newcastle:
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