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  1. Further to this I also have the same issue with Wycombe (EGTB) I wonder if an online data update overnight has caused compatibility issues. I can’t think of any other reason for the sudden crashes.
  2. I can confirm the same issue with EGNM. Removing the scenery using content manager solves the issue. Very odd as it worked yesterday.
  3. Thanks for getting back to me @Ed Correia. I thought it may be something like that. Seems strange to have an approval process when the addon system lets you install from outside the market anyway. No matter though, worth the wait! Thanks again!
  4. Hi Spoke to @Nick Cooper earlier about the recent updates to London and EGLC not showing in MSFS Marketplace. I just thought I'd mention it in it's own thread at it's still not showing a new version for the London POI pack despite the update being announce +12 hours ago. Would someone mind taking a look and making sure it's been pushed? We may have a bug with marketplaces updates if it won't come through to some people Many Thanks!
  5. OK no problem. I imagine it takes time for them to work their way through the CDN. The london landmarks pack definitely says "By Asobo" in the manager. The marketplace is obviously correct. Must be a bug or area not quite finished yet.
  6. @Nick Cooper just to check, has the MS Marketplace also been updated? No version history there and still saying 1.0.0. Also are you guys aware that in MSFS content manager your products are marked at "By Asobo"?
  7. Its now worth the cash. Now that they've sorted the teething issues it is well worth the money. I've not tested it personally yet but I'm told its much better. Thank you for listening to us Orbx! Community spirit still strong
  8. The tower, ground, clearance and ATIS frequencies have also been removed from EGNM. Not tested others. I assume this is related to the missing navdata which is being fixed as we speak
  9. Little error on the EGNM product page, a most impressive use of space! The side by side shots are impressive differences for first release products. Hopefully the few minor issues will be addressed in time.
  10. There is no approval process as far as we know. Anyone can develop and release addons.
  11. Thanks for the reply and I can appreciate your view point. However, if Orbx does not have access to very high ortho image quality, wouldn't it be better to create your own texture of what is displayed on the ortho rather than use low resolution ortho imagery directly? I'm not as skilled as any of the devs that are part of Orbx, but even I could take a satellite view of car park and create a high resolution texture using default/standard materials that would look better than the attempt to use low res Ortho directly. If I'm being perfectly honest, the products feel like they're being rushed.
  12. Forgive me if this is a little blunt, I promise it is not intended to be a provocative post but: Have the Orbx devs just copied their sceneries and are releasing them as MSFS products? I've seen some FSElite exclusive previews this morning (on ultra quality) and I am very underwhelmed. EGNM - if you look outside the front of the terminal building the ground textures are VERY low resolution and all of the vehicles outside the terminal and in the car parks are all misplaced. Yes I know these are outside the airport and not really seen when conducting a serious flight, but if anyo
  13. The thing is it's all well and good converting, but you're dropping old design into a modern and good looking sim, it just doesn't sit in the default scenery well. We've come to expect very high quality from Orbx, and for me the issues I've spotted mean that those two products don't live up to that expectation. Don't get me wrong, as a alpha/beta tester of MSFS I know I should reserve judgement for the final release products and I'm basing my opinion on pre-releases, but IF these are what is going to market then I'm afraid I'll hold off and wait for better versions.
  14. Hi Guys Just watched the live stream preview of the new products featured on FSElite. I get they are just previews but I have to raise these points: I was looking forward to the London POI pack and they look great in the day time, but after seeing them at night the lighting needs turning WAY down on them. They stand out against default scenery lighting like a sore thumb. It was like looking at P3D4 all over again. Also, EGLCs texture blending between taxiways and the grass is really bad. It looks like its just been blured at the edges. Also the grass texture
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