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  1. Funny that! I was just putting together a list for Leeds since a fair few landmarks are missing. You guys are always on the ball!
  2. Wow, I love how transparent you guys are about releases. Thank you :-)
  3. Promo on the shop home page has changed ... any second now I think
  4. Wilco :-) Looking forward to this one so much. Just getting a bit too excited :-D
  5. Thank you @FILOU Do you have any of the city to share?
  6. Hi John Just a quick note from a new(ish) ORBX user. You guys have done a fantastic job with all of your products thus far, and I cannot wait for this one sometime in December. I am totally blown away by the accuracy we are seeing in the true earth series. Thanks to all of you for your hard work and dedication to the flight sim community. Phill
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