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  1. It's at the top of my .ini file but when I load it, it comes up with an error message when I launch the sim with something like 'cannot load the sim with this scenery package - try removing the file'.
  2. Tried installing it, but it didn't work. The statue hasn't appeared - don't know why! But thanks anyway.
  3. Inspirational - just one thing though - will there be any vehicles travelling along the San Francisco bridge when this TE is released?
  4. Very good indeed - but for those of us newbies who haven't tried VR yet, what do we need to buy to get the best experience and what needs to be plugged in where? Any extra software needed, or is it already included in the X-Plane 11 software?
  5. A Request Please. When you come to create TE Southern California, please would you include the famous Hollywood sign on the hill. This was a serious omission in Laminar's default scenery in my view. Also, I can't believe that they left out one of the most iconic landmarks in South America, and that is the statue of Christ the Redeemer overlooking the city of Rio De Janeiro. If anyone knows of an addon that's been done to add that to my sim, I would be greatful to utilise it. Thanks.
  6. Just doing a rough calculation of the storage size if we get TE the whole world - let's say approx. 2Pb (seen that figure banded around somewhere before). That's about an extra 500x4Tb hard drives. I could probably fit all those in the lounge, but the 3 piece suite would have to go and the lounge closed to visitors! Or I could just buy a bigger house!
  7. The problem with doing it for XP is that OrbX could either have it with snow or without snow, but not both! Am I right in saying that with this addon for P3D, it being a seasonal simulator, the snow will be there in the winter but disappear during the summer months? There are no seasonal adjustemnts in X-Plane 11.
  8. I think Microsoft abandoned flight simulation support 10 years ago because basically there was no money in it for them. After all the flight sim market is very small compared to the likes of the popularity of 'Fortnight' and 'GFA' and the likes, so how they are going to ensure that next year's release of their new sim will make them a profit long term is anybody's guess! Regarding price increases over the last few years, I reckon that the quality has been improving recently and maybe a lot more work has gone into more recent addons thus resulting in extra time/staff needed.
  9. Ok, but for me, I’m sticking with OrbX only scenery mainly for compatibility reasons with their TE addons.
  10. Aah- sorry, but something I missed - it doesn't look like this openLC applies to us X-Plane 11 only users. Or does it? I assume that there would be a clash between openLC and any TE scenery within the same areas?
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