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  1. Apologies - I tried to delete the above new topic using your edit facility, but I couldn't manage it. I intended to post it under the MSFS 2020 topic heading, but I obviously failed to do that. Moderators, please would you move this to the intended location. Thanks.
  2. Does anybody on here know if the weather depicted in the up and coming MSFS 2020 is dynamic (as it was in MS FSX), or static as it is in X-Plane 11? Just curious really.
  3. Further to my post above, I have v11.41 with all sliders at max apart from the reflections one which is set to minimum. Now I know I get castigated for not reducing my sliders, but I'm a scenery geek and like to see the best quality scenery that I can get, even if the fps drops below 20 at times (like in the picture above). I'm just hoping that with Vulkan I'll get the fps pushed up a bit closer to the 20 mark. Specs are: Desktop PC with .... Intel i9-7920X 12 x 2.90GHz GeForce RTX2080Ti 11Gb 32Gb RAM DDR4 3000Mz 1Tb SSD M.2 PCle 3Tb HDD USB 3.1 WiFi HDMI 2.0 4K resolution Windows 10
  4. @FlyingDoDo - the only pic where mine differentiates from yours is the one approaching R27 at EGLC (see attached pic) It is however the Orbx upgraded airport scenery as you can tell from the 3D grass.
  5. @FlyingDoDo - I've replicated those 4 pics that you uploaded (the ones around EGLC) and I can confirm those anomolies that appear in your pics also appear in mine. To be honest, it doesn't particularly bother me. I mean I had to go looking for them, but flying into and out of EGLC, I wouldn't have noticed something like that. There is quite a bit of 2D scenery in Orbx TE which does get quite blurry when you get close to it in any case. That's what 2D scenery does. But yes, I see your point regarding sharp differences in ground texture quality next to each other. I suppose we could also point out trees half way across roads, buildings on the edge of slopes with half the building hanging in mid air. Roads along coastlines suddenly rolling at a 90 deg. angle following the contours of the coastal hills - things like that.
  6. We are getting to the stage where it will need a keen eye to determine if a sim screenshot is from a sim or the real world! Already non flight simmers see a screenshot from, say, X-Plane 11, and with enhanced scenery available, think it's the real world.
  7. Bit of a squeeze with not a lot of fuel remaining into Orbx's new Dundee airport. Just about used up the whole runway length and had to watch those wingtips when parking!
  8. A single purchase? Maybe, but if so, I can't see them charging $50 or so that includes 2Pb of scenery. Maybe they will charge per area of scenery as and when you fly into that section, or perhaps offer customers a one off lifetime payment of, say, $500 that gives you free access for evermore to the whole globe. Scenery data of course being accessed from their servers and not downloaded to one's PC.
  9. $15 a month is a figure that I was thinking about a few months ago. It's more likely to be at the top end of estimates in my view as MS will no doubt be looking to recoup their expenditures to date. However, they need to be careful in pricing the thing. Too much will deter the kids who are looking for a bit of gaming fun. The serious flyer may not mind that sort of monthly fee (some will of course).
  10. Maybe not at launch, but I suspect that the Microsoft devs will progessively work on the sim so that eventually, the whole world is covered to the same standard as that to which we have been exposed to in recent months. Could take some years though to get to that stage!
  11. If you look at some scenery in X-Plane 11, for example, there are cars in car parks that are flat images, which when observed at altitude may look reasonably realistic, but when flying low down above those buildings or car parks they are in fact flat images, ie, 2 dimensional (2D). With 3 dimensional objects (3D) they are very realistic with cars/buidings etc, looking more like they would appear in the real world. MSFS 2020 doesn't appear to have any 2D scenery that I have observed so far.
  12. @FILOU - looking at the various screenshots from MSFS 2020 (and yours posted above) over the last few months or so, I haven't seen any 2D scenery at all - it appears to be all 3D. Is this correct?
  13. Just my opinion on observations of the various scenery addons for X-Plane 11 that are available now and yet to come (MSFS2020). Percentage accuracy compared to the real world. Laminar X-Plane 11 Default = 25% Orbx TE = 75% Orbx Airports = 85% MSFS 2020 = 95% + These are very approximate estimations that I have come up with. Others may have different views on this.
  14. Ah, ok, apologies - I should have mentioned I have X-Plane 11. That would explain the misunderstanding.
  15. Sorry Ken, I'm not following this at all. I've opened up the flight sim and the only thing that appears on my monitor on the default night time picture are the following options: Resume Last Flight New Flight Load Saved Flight Flight School Settings Quit X-Plane The words 'Flight Planner' and 'Scenery' are not there. There is nothing on the bottom right of my monitor screen.
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