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  1. Ok, but for me, I’m sticking with OrbX only scenery mainly for compatibility reasons with their TE addons.
  2. Aah- sorry, but something I missed - it doesn't look like this openLC applies to us X-Plane 11 only users. Or does it? I assume that there would be a clash between openLC and any TE scenery within the same areas?
  3. Please excuse my ignorance on the matter, but I'm not sure what 'openLC' means. Is this the equivalent of OrbX's True Earth scenery or is it something completely different?
  4. @vfr_steveThat's great, but I couldn't help notice that your overall picture sharpness of the scenery didn't seem to be as sharp as when I fly over that region. Maybe you tend to lose a bit of picture quality during the upload to YouTube? If you fly further south (take a jet next time - it's quicker) the next mountain I do believe is Mount St. Helens and they show the whole side of the mountain collapsed which was the result of the devastating volcano that occurred there some years ago now. But yes, I agree with you, TE Great Britain, particularly the London area is a little disappointing compared with this Washington area. The frame rates are a lot less around the London area and they have still yet to fix some of the late drawing of certain POI buildings. That problem came about following Laminar's last update for X-Plane 11 (11.34 to 11.35 I believe).
  5. X Plane 11 - Personally I'm up for any new UK airport/airfield and also any new MAJOR worldwide airports that OrbX releases. Not so interested in the small tin pot airfields outside of the UK to be honest. And of course anything TE anywhere! Looking forward to the upcoming California TE scenery!
  6. I think you'll find that the MSFS2020 scenery WILL be superior. I mean just comparing the roads for a start between the two sims, the roads in MSFS2020 look far more realistic in my opinion.
  7. Ah, interesting - thanks for that Nedo. It would be a huge plus for many simmers I think if that geographical restriction was lifted with this new sim, because, correct me if I'm wrong here, I do believe that no sim in the past has allowed over the poles flying?
  8. Talking of the yet to come MSFS2020, I'm assuming that we still won't be able to fly directly over the poles because of the way that the software has been written? Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  9. Hi Jon - thanks for your thoughts on my comments. Yes, I agree with what you are saying which reiterates what I was saying about the software always being ahead of the hardware. I may have to come to terms with reducing some of those sliders after all - always been reluctant to do that as, being a scenery geek, I like the best, most accurate and sharpest scenery possible and I was hoping that my hardware would have been good enough to achieve that! Regarding internet speed connection, I have the Virgin Media 150Mb fibre optic cable connection which is pretty damn fast to be honest, so that shouldn't be a bottleneck I would have thought!
  10. Yes, but the whole thing is struggling now to maintain 20 fps (with cloud cover) with stuttering over central London and Manchester (UK), especially during 180 deg. turns, although I do have all sliders set to maximum apart from reflections which is set to minimum and the anti-aliasing down a couple of notches from the maximum. No problem with frame rates or stuttering though over Seattle or anywhere over the new TE Washington/Oregon areas - typical 30+ fps in those areas.
  11. Yes of course, but to me it's always been that the hardware has lagged the software and so I spent nearly 4 grand about a year ago purchasing what I considered to be the best around at the time barring buying a main frame computer! Here's what I've got: Intel i9-7920X 12 x 2.90GHz (12 core with automatic turbo boost) GeForce RTX2080Ti 11Gb 32Gb RAM DDR4 3000Mz 1Tb SSD M.2 PCle 3Tb HDD USB 3.1 WiFi HDMI 2.0 4K resolution Windows 10 I'm just hoping that it'll be good enought for what's to come!
  12. Well I watched the whole interview and one of the guys was asked was it going to be a subscription service and he said that it definitely WOULDN'T be. He also said that they were not prepared to talk about how they were exactly going to make money from all this. Presumably that's a reveal for later. One thing for sure, they must have spent large sums on developement as they've been at it about 5 years so far! My first thought was how all this would affect OrbX and I was thinking that it could well be the death knell for them, but then they revealed that they would be including 3rd party developers, so maybe there will be a future for these sim developer companies. The one thing that hasn't really been discussed in all this is minimum hardware requirements for the upcoming MFS 2020 and the resulting frame rate hit. I mean my PC is struggling to maintain the minimum 20fps with OrbX's TE scenery, particularly over the large UK cites, so how it will cope with the new extraordinary detailed scenery in MFS 2020 is anybody's guess!
  13. I'd also like to add that the animation of the guy with the sticks directing your aircraft into the gate parking area is included with EGNM - nice touch I thought and actually quite useful as it is in the real world! Bit of a frame rate hit when close to the main airport buildings (15 to 17 fps for me), but as soon as I taxi away to the runway, the fps increases to 20+. I tried reducing the texture quality slider from maximum down to high as suggested by OrbX in the installation advice, but to be honest I hardly noticed any differene in fps, so I left it at maximum!
  14. Thanks Scott - yes, that's the way I looked at it - I was only trying to help!
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