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  1. Using the replay facility that X-Plane possesses, I decided to try a flight in the Laminar default Boeing 747-400 with an approach over the LA basin with terrific views of the docks area, downtown LA with the Hollywood Hills in the distance, This was uploaded in HD (2160P60) to my YouTube account, There are some sound bugs that need to be mentioned here. At the end of the flight I park on top of another aircraft! That aircraft was not parked there in the original flight, but the software decided to plonk one there during the replay of the flight. There are some annoying warni
  2. This is the first time that I’ve managed to upload a video to YouTube in HD quality – took 34 hours! Some of you may find it spectacular (well I do anyway otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered). It’s a video of a flight that I have recently made in the LR default Boeing 737-800 looking out from a passenger’s viewpoint over the left wing using the XPlane 11.41 sim with enhanced airport and Washington State scenery packages. It’s a short flight from Vancouver International to a small Washington State regional airport called Skagit. It's the 'GloballArt' enhanced Vancouver Internationa
  3. Nope - I'll be sticking with XP11 and download any TE + large airport addons that Orbx provide in the future for that sim. If they don't then they don't and I'll be fine with that. I'll take a view on MSFS AFTER XP12 is released (even if that's years ahead) and then compare. Meanwhile, I'm more than happy with Orbx addons that I have to date and just love the quality that the sim provides with all the Orbx addons that I have so far. There are many other advantages that XP11 has over MSFS at the moment, but those advantages may disappear over time as Microsoft upgrades - we shall see.
  4. Love the new improvements for Bristol, but they did need doing to be honest, particularly the transition between the grass and tarmac taxiways. I am now happy to fly to and from there.
  5. Glad to see that there is an update for Bristol. The grass/tarmac edges were very blurry and definitely needed improving.
  6. At long last - something for XP11 - been waiting a long time for the next TE for XP11. Looks great by the way!
  7. @ozboater - the recent discussion here has been talking about the options to store software/scenery data on alternative hard drives. Does it matter if any extra hard drives are added internally into the PC, or would it still work as well with external hard drives (SSD or HDD) using USB 3.0 connections? I suspect that built-in added internal hard drives would mean faster data transfer rates (ie. less stuttering) compared to an external USB hard drive, Would you know if there are any noticeable differences between these two options? The easier option of course would be to
  8. If that's the case then, I may look at using a camera to take a video of my monitor screen and do it that way - at least I wouldn't have a FPS reduction problem. I have tried that using a friend's camera, but there appeared interference patterns on the camera video. I have a curved monitor, so maybe that was the problem. Anyway, some more experimentation is required.
  9. I would like to know what software is being used by these simmers who are making movies that are uploaded to YouTube. My little experience of making a video has been some free video capture software that I downloaded and although it worked as far as recording was concerned, the hit on frame rate was so huge (about a 50% drop), as to render the whole process of recording a saved flight useless. XP11's 'Rewind' facility is very good indeed, but there is still the problem of saving the rewind video to my computer hard drive without any frame rate loss. The videos on here look tremendo
  10. It may well be worth keeping an eye out for a feature (or maybe just even a mention) on the BBC's 'Click' programme on their News 24 TV station as anything new like this very often has a spot on there and is reviewed by their reporters. I checked last night as they talked about the competition between the latest XBox and its rival PlayStation plus one or two games, but no mention as yet of the new MSFS. Just thought that I would post this as simmers out there may be interested.
  11. Hmm - a year ago I got the impression from Microsoft's initial promotional video that we would be getting an all inclusive new flight sim where addons would be a thing of the past. in other words, the amazing scenery that was displayed at the time implied that that was the sort of quality that we would see across the whole globe. It's now clear that that won't be the case, so expect to start forking out a lot of money in the months and years to come to move towards something like an accurate depiction of global scenery.
  12. Ah, ok thanks. Would have been surprised really if they weren't going to incorporate that.
  13. That was exactly my thinking as well. If you opt for the standard pack in the beginning and, say, a few months down the line you change your mind and wish that you had purcahsed the deluxe premier version in the first place, then hard cheese - you'll need to cough up another £110 to get that, unless MS have said otherwise. Had a scout around, but couldn't see any reference to future upgrading (unless someone else has on here and I missed it).
  14. @John Heaton - ok cheers - it'll be interesting to see the comments on here and other forum platforms when the great day arrives next month. I'll be standing well back and observing the comments from a distance as the installation process begins and customers give their views on the new sim.
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