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  1. Hello, I had this problem too, solved by typing ctrl/alt/suppr and closing all the Orbx central process to relaunch it, but I agree that it would be a lot more simple to have a button in central to switch between online and offline mode...
  2. Thanks John, I might try that, but actually I like to have shore waves when it's not on roads or inland water and the effect slider does concern other things than waves, so it was more in a bug report purpose than to find a radical solution for that issue. I hope Orbx will solve that in a future update... Best!
  3. Hello, There is some shorewaves that goes on the road and inland water close to KSBA...I suppose it's a bug...
  4. I think it's a bug with P3dv5 HDR, there is a lot of objects that have transparency issues with P3Dv5...
  5. Same here, also I have very bad performances when approaching the middle of the runway, my fps drops from smooth 30 to stuttering 20, I first thought it was because the texture load was too high, but actually this fps drop is there no matter the texture definition setting is, even with the object flow disabled in the scenery settings... I'm running bigger and lot more complex airports like Leeds bradford without any fps drop like this so I suppose that might have something to do with the scenery. I also have this problem with CZST...
  6. Thanks a lot Nick! And thanks guys, I was feeling a little lonely with this issue before you've stepped in!
  7. still one of my favourite scenery, love the approach and the area! The airport could use some refreshment with the textures, but even like that it's one of the most scenic place!
  8. Hello Nick, It was not so I've putted it back, but it seems that anytime I open Orbx central, it mess with the order of scenery and put it back down the goldcoast city scene... I've installed Goldcoast into an external library, at the begining I've installed both goldcoast and the airport in that external library but then in the scenery library it appeared in grey and I couldn't move it ( so at first, right after the installation, the scenery order was wrong, the airports were down the cityscene and it seems that central want it this way...). So my question is : is there a way to make sure that the two airports stay above the cityscene, even if I open Orbx Central? And second question, when we use external library with Orbx central, is there any way to move the product up or down into the scenery library settings within p3dv5? Thanks for your help! Best M
  9. Hello, I've just purshased the Gold coast city scene and gold coast airports this morning, I'm running P3Dv5 hotfix1, the airports are set to work with AUv2 and Gold Coast city scene. I'm seeing a weird ground texture popping on and on while I'm climbing on take off, and same with landing, in both YBCG and YSPT. My settings are set with high quality textures, 2048x2048pxl. I don't have this problem in any other Orbx airports. It feels like the original texture of Gold coast are conflicting with the airports textures, so I've tried to put the airports above Gold coast city scene in the scenery order, but it didn't changed anything. I'm joining screencap of the issue so you can see what I mean by popping textures...
  10. well, I didn't found how to edit the first message, does anybody knows how to do that?
  11. Well, I was wrong! The terra flora didn't changed the trees as I thought, this is one with the default : and one with terra flora enabled : This is the same trees, I just got misunderstood because the P3dv5 rendering is different compare to v4, it was the first time I went back to Cairns in v5 and it felt very different! Well, in anyway, the terra flora at this price is really worth it, even if it doesn't apply on some FTX regions, I know that for sure it applies with FTX europe for example because I've made several test with and without to see how it was. Sorry for the wrong informations! I'm gonna change the title of this thread if I can!
  12. Orbx France would be amazing! Spain would be also good since you've already made some airports there! True Earth Iceland would be also amazing, knowing how beautiful it looks from the sky!
  13. Hello, I didn't knew about that, this is AUv2 +Orbx YBCS, there is no terra flora trees in the area right around the airport, but I do think this is the terra flora trees on the hills surrounding the city, I can't recall those trees before and I flew there a lot, maybe I got misunderstood by the P3dv5 color tone, but I don't think so because the tendancy is more to make trees darker than greener. I've set the setting to be a mix of terra flora v2 and HD trees, I'll make a new test without the terra flora trees to be sure...
  14. I really loved how the Terra Flora blended with HD trees here, the hills really looks covered by tropical rain forest...
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