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  1. Love the pic! My neck of the woods too
  2. That looks like a sweet gig, nice shots!
  3. Hey there, Would love to help you with all the little differences between US and AUS radio procedures as there certainly are some differences. Its complicated though, as there are differences in procedures as well as the communications associated with those procedures. Apologies for the vague statement but im quite tired while writing this and unfortunately don't have time to go into details. If you're interested in radio comms procedures I'd recommend a book (yes, paper... a bit old school for your ipod/ipad users) 'Aviation Theory Centre - Flight Radio for Student Pilots', if you goo
  4. Thanks for the reply Tim - looks like you're correct, bit of a shame but you can't have everything! cheers
  5. Hey guys, Just wondering if somebody could please enlighten me as to whether the Westpac chopper base has been modeled in the Tamworth scenery? I haven't bought YSTW yet but I certainly will if it contains the base. many thanks
  6. Great shots, where did the Aurora Australis come from?!
  7. Great shot! Atleast we can all experience airliner realism with the NGX on our home simulators
  8. Thanks guys, good to see you around and about Mat!
  9. Fellow FTXers, Unless I am here drooling over beta screenies or getting support for ORBX products, I don't visit these forums as much as I should... so I thought it was time I posted a little something from my flight simming over beautiful FTX scenery! The following is probably from a different perspective of the FTX scenery to what you would normally see on these forums, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpB_kHvryuE thanks for watching, Off to go purchase YBAS now
  10. Timmy - I seem to have resolved the problem. I was just deleting entries in my scenery library and reloading the sim after doing each one. Everything was normal after I unchecked the scenery that I have for the Salt Ash Weapons range (which is about 2NM north of Willy). I have no idea why this is the case though as I have had this scenery installed on my last FSX install and it worked fine. I'm sorry to have lead you on a wild goose chase, thankyou for all your help! I very much appreciate it. Regards
  11. And yes, I can confirms that ORBX Cairns with Green region works perfectly. YMML seems to be working fine now too, I just seem to be missing a few aerobridges but thats a minor problem compared to the Gold region not showing.
  12. Have just tried all the above to no avail. Would it be helpful if i sent you screenshots of my scenery library page inside FSX or anything at all? Or do I need to try a full reinstall? Thankyou for your help
  13. Is anybody able to help with this? I am also having a problem with YMML which only just popped up. Can anyone explain why the ground poly has taken to showing this 'ghost' default runway ontop of it? I have also noticed that some of the terminals have errors. I will take a screenshot shortly but basically some of the terminals are partially seethrough. cheers
  14. Have just checked and those folders are in that location and do have content. I can confirm 100% that Blue, Red and Green scenery areas are working properly. I'm a bit miffed...
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