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  1. Thanks guys for your comments. Much appreciated. Herman
  2. Thanks, Kev. Aerosoft A3xx Professional series. Cheers, Herman
  3. A short domestic flight this time with an Airbus A319 from Nuremburg to Frankfurt, Germany. The weather was fair so it was smooth flying to our destination. Journey time +/-30 minutes. So let's fasten our seatbelts & aim for the skies! Herman After obtaining ground clearance to taxi we head towards runway 28 Just prior to approaching runway 28 the control tower advises us to wait due to incoming traffic Ascending at an angle of approximately 15 degrees to our initial assigned altitude of 9000 feet (FL90) We continue our climb to our planned cruise altitude of 18000 feet (FL180). Having reached our cruising altitude it's time for a nice cup of coffee and before you realize it it is time to start the descent Lining up for our approach runway 25L (@250 degrees and on the left as there a multiple runways) Always busy at these mega airports and a struggle to find a vacant gate At last we find a place to park (though actually reserved for larger aircraft). Once again, our happy passengers disembark. Thanks for looking.
  4. Very nice, Gerold! Herman
  5. Excellent series... well done, John! Herman
  6. Fabulous set, Adam! Herman
  7. Very nice set of images, Jack. Herman
  8. Superb images and thanks so much for the extra settings info. Herman
  9. Great series, Gerold! Herman
  10. Really nice images, Jack! Herman
  11. A short domestic Airbus A319 flight from Cape Town (FACT) to George (FAGG) located in the Eastern Cape. I've ensured that the majority of screenshots have sufficient lighting so as to project the fabulous Orbx scenery. Fasten your seatbelts and let's go... Herman Ready for departure at Cape Town International Airport Pushback has just been accomplished and we are ready to role after a few final checks Taxing towards our designated runway 34 We climb and see the City of Cape Town with it's famous Table Mountain in the distance We do a sharp turn to the right so as to fly in an easterly direction and continue our climb Passing over rugged mountain terrain Cruising along at FL190 As dusk takes hold, we decend initially to FL120 followed by FL70 and later to FL32 Lined up for the approach to runway 11 Touchdown at George Airport On the apron at George Airport with engines shut-down and ready for a good night sleep. Thanks for looking.
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