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  1. Very nice, Mikee! Herman
  2. Nice. Very extraodinary landscape #1 Herman
  3. Superb series & a lovely aircraft... well done, Adam! Herman
  4. Thank you all for your comments... much appreciated! Herman
  5. Very nice Mikee! You must tell me your secret of being able to change aircraft in mid air?! I presume directx12 is the main positive performance influencer in v5... am still using 4.5hf3 and to be honest am very happy with it. I've noticed that Truesky is still a little fuzzy but as it is still in a beta stage its bound to be improved upon. Herman
  6. Very nice series of an area of the world I would love to go to! Herman
  7. Very nice... beautiful scenery! Herman
  8. Hauer


    Very nice, Martyn. The last time I was in Narvik was in 2011 (Hurtigruten voyage). Norway is a fascinating country... Herman
  9. Thanks, Mikee. To be honest I've never kept track of the frames. My PC just does its thing and I'm perfectly satisfied with it... I do have it set to max 60 fps as recommended when using the Chaseplane product. As Carlosqr stated your PC should have plenty of stamina for TE Netherlands. Can highly recommend it! Herman
  10. Being a lovely day today, we took the De Havilland Tiger Moth out for a short flight from Lelystad to Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Smooth flying all the way... Herman Departure from Lelystad Airport (EHLE), runway 23 Ascending over Flevoland Province in a westerly direction with the well known Dutch wilderness area "Oostvadersplassen" on the right side Passing the city of Amsterdam from the SE Over Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (EHAM) and continuing in a SW direction Heading along the coastal region towards The Hague and continuing further in the direction of Hoek of Holland Flying over the Leiden area and heading towards The Hague & suburbs The old naval airfield, Valkenburg on the L and the town of Katwijk on the R Just prior to reaching Hoek of Holland we turn L towards the Rotterdam area Having started the descent we head nearly parallel to Rotterdam Airport The city of Rotterdam with it's huge port facility On the approach for EHRD, runway 24 Touchdown with the Tiger... Now where did you say that parking bay was? Finally our feet back on the ground! Thanks for looking!
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