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  1. Hi Just tried reinstalling the MS visual C++ you have suggested... but Orbx Central still doesn't start and I get the same Java errors as before Shame there's no other option, looks like I will not be purchasing anything direct from Orbx again
  2. Hi Doug, I have just downloaded the latest Java version, I'm still have the same Java errors. My PC is 2 weeks old. Is there any way I can by-pass using Central? At the moment I am unable to download/use the products I have paid for from Orbx Thanks Steve
  3. I'm getting an Java script error when trying to run Orbx Central 4.1.34 (see the attached screen photo)
  4. Thanks for the advice Guys I ended up having to download it again, not sure why, but luckily this time it took around an hour or so The ‘auto installer’ then kicked in and after about another hour I was testing out the new scenery I need to do some tweaking but it’s looking good so far thanks once again for your quick response cheers Spudd
  5. OK, I've just waited over a (incredible) 20 hours + to download TrueEarth Great Britain South for X-Plane using your FTX central 3 software (I think there must be a issue with your servers as I have a 100 meg fiber connection and have no issues downloading other content from other websites) I have tried to now install the product to find it will not install and its is trying to download the whole 26 gb again! Please tell me I don't have to go through this process again... I haven't got the patience to wait another day for it to download Your swift response, hel
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