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  1. Torbjorn Kuntze

    PAHO Homer six more.

    This one looks fantastic! Just have to have it, when released.
  2. Torbjorn Kuntze


    No. I never got used to it. Had mine for about two months, then sold it. Don't like to be stuck in a hat and prefer a non moving cockpit when looking at charts, flightplans etc. I guess it's usefull when being in a combatgame. In FSX though, I see no use. I am used to pan around with my left thumb and happy with that.
  3. Now when you have started with the British isles, I would say finish it of. You wont regret it. Both Wales and Scotland are good add-ons and Ireland isn't too bad either. After that, go for Australia, a great area to fly with ORBX and a lot of freeware.
  4. No, they don't (not for me, anyway). They look really, really good and are a vast improvement for the clouds. On my machine, they also improved my framerate when flying in heavy cloudcover.
  5. Torbjorn Kuntze

    AYPY Jacksons International, Papua New Guinea

    This is great news! I will definitely buy this when it comes out for sale. A very nice scenery in a fantastic region!
  6. The coast of England ahead. Good luck all!
  7. Hi, I also had the same problems with OpenVFR and FTX Global for Sweden. I couldn't find any other sollution for the road-problem but to remove OpenVFR altogether. So I have so far decided to go back to UTX Europe, which is the best looking combination for FTX Global I have had in my try outs. Well, let's hope someone find a sollution for this, as OpenVFR is the best choise for accurate landclass for many areas. Regards, Torbjörn Kuntze
  8. And here is my entry, Coastguard C185 over Valdez.
  9. ...and here's a Tiger Moth over the English countryside.