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  1. This one looks fantastic! Just have to have it, when released.
  2. No. I never got used to it. Had mine for about two months, then sold it. Don't like to be stuck in a hat and prefer a non moving cockpit when looking at charts, flightplans etc. I guess it's usefull when being in a combatgame. In FSX though, I see no use. I am used to pan around with my left thumb and happy with that.
  3. Now when you have started with the British isles, I would say finish it of. You wont regret it. Both Wales and Scotland are good add-ons and Ireland isn't too bad either. After that, go for Australia, a great area to fly with ORBX and a lot of freeware.
  4. No, they don't (not for me, anyway). They look really, really good and are a vast improvement for the clouds. On my machine, they also improved my framerate when flying in heavy cloudcover.
  5. This is great news! I will definitely buy this when it comes out for sale. A very nice scenery in a fantastic region!
  6. Hi, I also had the same problems with OpenVFR and FTX Global for Sweden. I couldn't find any other sollution for the road-problem but to remove OpenVFR altogether. So I have so far decided to go back to UTX Europe, which is the best looking combination for FTX Global I have had in my try outs. Well, let's hope someone find a sollution for this, as OpenVFR is the best choise for accurate landclass for many areas. Regards, Torbjörn Kuntze
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