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  1. For more information I'm under P3DV4.5 and the answerd of FSDG at the same question aubout this water wall is below: "Hello, yes, we had a similar problem, it was in our German support forum, I can’t find the topic anymore at the moment. It was a single user who experienced this, I think it was related to a setting in his ftx sceneries. Maybe it’s best to ask the Orbx support for help. It might be related to bathymetry or another P3D setting. Regards"
  2. Good morning all Is there someone who is an answer to my problem that here On the FSDG scene of "LA REUNION" I have a wall of impassable water right in the axis of ILS 14 and around the island of the chasms in the sea. After having contacted FSDG (supplier of the scene) I am told that it must come from FTX and see from this side. So has anyone had this problem or the solution to it? Thank you for your feedback. Regards G BARTHELEMY
  3. Hi Doug Everything is back to normal after having followed the explanations given the link you provided. Thanks again for your answer. cordially G BARTHELEMY
  4. After updating (automatically) Orbx Central (version 4.1.6) I had 6 product updates to do. None could be done and I had the following message "Could not download and save the manifest" Before this update to Orbx Central I had no problems. I'm still on P3D V4.5 Thank you for your help Best regards G Bartyhelemy
  5. 650/5000 Hi, I understood that we could possibly resolve the terrain altitude problem manually. But before loading the Global Vector tool and reloading my last saved profile, I launched ORBX Central - which is set to update to version "4.0.38" and there I launched a verification of the files of Global VECTOR. Once this verification done I launched the tool "configure" in the menu of Orbx Central / My products / Global
  6. Hi Thank you for your answer but maybe I misspoke. P3DV4.5 is in C: \ P3Dv4. Global vector was working properly until last December 31, the date of my last installation of Add-On and therefore of my last use of the tool. Finally what do you mean by "AEC" in your last message. Thank you for your reply Best regards G BARTHELEMY
  7. Hi Yes my simulator is on C:/ Is this location a problem? Gilbert
  8. hi Doug, Hi Nick following a complete internet outage for 4 days I could not take cognizance of your answer until this afternoon 1. Ensure your .net framework is updated with versions 2,3 and 4, using the tool found at the link. http://www.asoft.be/prod_netver.html ==> Ok Version 4.82. Ensure your UAC is turned off, and that you are running as administrator.==>Ok UAC Turn OFF3. Check and\or disable your antivirus and be sure it is not being blocked.==> Antivirus Ok4. Have a close look in your computers program list for any other antivirus programs that may have been instal
  9. Hello for a few days now, the FTX global vector configuration tool has stopped working and displays an error message (reconstituted screenshot attached). [Why reconstituted? because I don't know where to find the error log file for this tool. so I took screenshots and assembled them to make a single image.] For the moment, I am unable to resolve any terrain altitude problems on the new Ads that I am installing. Thank you in advance for your feedback on this problem Best regards G BARTHELEMY
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