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  1. Hello. I haven’t had any trouble up until now, however, for some reason the position of LOWI in my scenery library is causing the buildings, object flow etc to disappear. If I manually move it to the top of the scenery library, all is well. But if it moves back to the original position in the scenery library the same issue arises. No other Orbx scenery is behaving this way. The only thing I recently installed was Europe. Regards, Ross
  2. I am curious to locate these two items also, the releases seem a bit half baked.
  3. Hi djw, I posted a similar thread a while ago with no response. All though in my case the Golden Gate was present. Just an idea but have you checked vector to see if all the boxes for bridges are ticked? My post below: Cheers, Ross
  4. For those interested, incorrect or misaligned ILS’s can be rectified following this guide:
  5. Just noticed the San Mateo Bridge in San Francisco is missing along with the Oakland Bay Bridge further east. I have verified files for Vector, Base, Libraries, Open LC North America and NA Northern/Southern California. Also checked Vector and all the boxes are ticked.
  6. Noticed this object near Canberra, when I went up close to it the object disappeared and displayed a bridge. But the further away from it the larger it becomes and turns into a long rectangle. Coordinates in pic. P3D 4.5HF3 with YSCB and Canberra Cityscape. .
  7. I too have this issue, it only presented itself immediately after updating 4.5 to HotFix 3.
  8. Nick, it is all conditions. If it helps, these two products are the only ones I have installed in this region as I mainly fly in the Southern Hemisphere.
  9. It is the new payware EGNM (recent release) with Great Britain Central.
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